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Create A New World!

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This website can provide a direction and tools to discover your own primal truth.
For that you will increasingly have to get rid of the mechanism of how this world works.
And yet, in order to change anything, you also have to be fully present in this world.
Like a large, broad tree that stands through all seasons.

The key to being able to perceive to this world from your pure self ... is to feel.

In order to be able to understand tips and insights on this website, there is the invitation to always feel what the information is doing to you.
If you think you understand or reflect on your feelings, you are more likely to miss your true own truth.
To discover your own deep truth, it is best to observe with each sentence / paragraph what the reaction is in your own feeling.

Be Aware

You have influence on the world and the world has influence on you.
That influence is bigger than you would expect.
Because you cannot see the effect right away, you mostly have no idea.

You know that if someone walks into the room with a very sad or happy mood, you can ... read more


Feeling is almost nothing tangible if you do not know where to perceive.

We all know emotions. Many emotions are created by thinking.
Examples of this are fear, anger, suspicion, resistance, anxiety, etc.
To feel is often mentioned on this website ... read more


It is all about perspective.
Imagen the black/white television screen filled with speckles.
Imagen every pixel is a fact or an experience.
You can create those pixels yourself by making decisions or someone else make them ... read more

More Controle

It's unbelievable how much information your brain processes in a day.
Some of that information goes through the nervous system to all the cells in your body.
Before sharing information with you, your brain makes a selection for you from all the information it picks up.
It only retains that information that relates to your memories, interests 
... read more

Question Everything

You are truly a beautiful mind, pure consciousness.

You only remember a fraction of who you really are here in this reality.
Doing Exercise 1 will allow you to explore your original consciousness in Step 4.
You become aware of how you really feel, beautiful emotions and enormous awareness ... read more

Peeling more

In the previous chapter 'Question Everything' we talked about how beliefs block your own truth.
Every time you release a piece of belief, a piece of your true power takes its place.
This is a process that takes some effort, perseverance and elasticity of your own feeling.
It requires attention at all times, again and again to keep course ... read more

The Dark Site

Although the entire website is about finding the strength within yourself,
it is impossible to ignore the oppressive side.

It is the oppressive side that makes it difficult to experience your inner power.

If we do not recognize the oppression, the way of truth and inner consciousness is .... read more

Embrace yourself

Everyone who lives on this planet suffers from some kind of trauma, small or large.
We've all been hurt at some point.
That is inherent to living in a cognition-driven society, vulnerable to manipulation.

Our brain loves information that causes trauma. .... read more

The Hack

The mind control in this reality is in our own system.
It is in place before our mind interprets the energy around us into solid matter.
The hack is placed in a place before our minds interpret our feelings.
In a place in our own system even before our consciousness makes an attempt to  .... read more

Can I Be Trusted?

It listens to our thoughts every second of the day.
Every thought of someone else (pos or neg) opens up opportunities for an attack.
We are creators.
We create possibilities out of thin air.  ... read more

human perception sets energy in motion
~ quantum physics ~