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It listens to our thoughts every second of the day.
Every thought of someone else (pos or neg) opens up opportunities for an attack.
We are creators.
We create possibilities out of thin air.
With a thought of someone else (pos or neg) we create a quantum physical opportunity to enter that other person.
Think of it as a tunnel directly under someone else's skin.
And because it listens to our thoughts every second of the day, it looks for opportunities we create.
I grant them access to the other through the tunnel created by me.
To be able to cause chaos among and between people by carrying out attacks.
In fact, it doesn't even look for what you think.
But it looks for possibilities to launch thoughts about others into you, so that you make the tunnel.

Attacks give an absolute sense of loss of control over yourself.
That's horrible.
That can just happen simply when someone thinks of you or thinks something about you.
If you yourself are bothered by programs that are still running, then a lot can be turned upside down with that person.
These can be physical attacks, such as illness and pain.
But also emotional attacks such as fear and panic.
Or energetic attacks, for example total exhaustion.
And of course combinations and other variants are possible.
A person can really go down completely because of a simple thought of someone else.
If someone has persistent programs or has to deal with traumas, it is breeding ground to be touched by them.
You are a very easy target. In fact, we all are, to some degree, consciously or unconsciously.
And so we are played off against each other in every moment, while we hardly notice it because we trust our thoughts so much.

Can I be trusted?
Do I have so much vigilance in my life that I never think anything of anyone else?
Do I keep my thoughts and energy safe by keeping it completely to myself?
Not fanning out for a second to someone else?
Even when I'm at home? Or where and what situation?
Can I be trusted?
If I tell about my own experience with someone else?
Can I be trusted?
Do I really make all decisions deep within myself?
And will I not let a pin get in my way?
Not a single thought or feeling of another in me?
Do I guarantee safety?

Inciting the force (life force/the source/the divine force) within me washes away all possibilities of attack through me.
Holding the force doesn't even allow it to initiate an attack.
Again and again vigilant that I do not create a tunnel through a mere thought.
Every time creating moments of silence and connection with myself
in which everything gets a new blank beginning in which it can resonate from my heart.
Start over
Cleaning over and over again.

Contact with others physically or in your mind can only be safe if it takes place with the force on.
Then you create a tunnel in the source field in which attacking thoughts from outside can have no influence.
It is up to the other to receive that contact from his own source field.
Then connection can be established. You can do that quantum physically if you are standing next to someone,
from the other side of the world and from the farthest point in the universe.

From heart to heart, from source to source, outside the matrix.

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