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It is unbelievable how much information passes your brain on one day.
A big part of it goes to all the cells in your body by the nervesystem.
Before your brain does that it first makes a shift of all the information it picks up.
It keeps the information that relates to your memories or interests.
Most of it is considered garbage before it gets your attention.
To bad cause the information that comes to your awareness has been sorted for you.
So you always know a tiny part of the whole experience every moment.

You can call your brain and your nervesystem a biological computer.
And that works perfect in a world that is cognition oriented.
There is a whole grid of information flowing this reality.
Your brain constantly responds to it and makes decisions about what knowledge you should know.

Now do you still believe that what you think is you?
We actually have fully identified with it.
It has formed our personality.
And can you see how easy it is to get manipulated without knowing it.
Isn't it great that you now know this?


You probably want more control over the information your computer shifts.
Then you have to start relying on your heart.
Your heart does not make a shift.
In fact, it has been proven that your heart is aware of information earlier than your brain.
If you want to practise to work with your heart and feelings, you might try to simple practice.
By doing the simple practice you overwrite the frequency of your cells in your body.
Now you start owning your computer. Lovely!

The next step would be to be so aware of your feelings that you can feel what kind of information is coming to you.
Think of Neo in the movie the Matrix stopping the bullets with his consciousness.

Instead of understanding information, you have to feel it.
You have to continuously shift the focus.
Observing and interacting with your reality with your consciousness within your body.
Try to be in connection with your heart, your body and the inside of your head at the same time.
Complete focus and awareness.
Making your own choices what information you will take on or maybe will influence.

Humanity is so impressive powerful.
We have forgotten it and have completely unlearned it.
It's a gift to be completely you and contribute on changing the world.

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human perception sets energy in motion
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