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Feeling is almost nothing tangible if you do not know where to perceive.

We all know emotions. Many emotions are created by thinking.
Examples of this are fear, anger, suspicion, resistance, anxiety, etc.

To feel is often mentioned on this website.
By this we do not mean that we should get angry or scared.
But that with our consciousness we start to perceive feeling from within.
In order to feel, it is best to switch off our thinking.
Without thinking, we can best perceive what is moving in us in the now in terms of feeling.

Feelings are often fields of feeling impression that can be subtly present in our consciousness.
It is difficult to interpret with words, because words often link back to thinking.
And thinking breaks through the subtle perception in ourselves.
The picture above shows how feeling can be present in yourself.
Feeling is a palette of color nuances that flow into each other.
Feeling is seldom concrete and delineated.
When we start to feel, we do have the tendency to look for a concretely delineated, clearly defined fact, because we are so used to it from thinking.
Feeling true requires judgment-free silence in yourself so that you can listen to and perceive yourself.

By being able to perceive feeling more easily, you can make a change with your imagination.
This often brings movement into feeling, so that you can perceive the impact on you.
For example, you think of a spring garden in your heart with beautiful flowers and a radiant sun.
You immediately feel something about it.
This way you can also recall memories or visualize situations from your daily life that you have questions about.
A feeling arises in which you can immerse yourself. It gives you insight and wisdom.
This is a very different way of providing information than logic of thought.

You can also feel emotions such as fear and anger deep inside.
We are used to feeling them from a statement.
Because we linked how we got the feeling or what it means.
We often lose ourselves in that emotion or we prefer not to enter into it.
But if we realize that it is one of the colors of the whole palette, then it is possible to experience them without losing the objective perception.
Embrace it as richness, add the color to the many colors that already belong to you.
Don't let your mind determine what is pleasant or not.
Feeling is ultimately energy in motion.

You may have to sniff, yell, or stomp before you can get to the subtle feeling. It's really okay to take the tension off with that.
Treat yourself!
Feeling is beautiful and powerful! It's wealth!

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human perception sets energy in motion
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