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This page was last updated on 5-5-2022

I started making this website to find out who I really am deep inside. By writing it down I made progress myself.
I also wanted to inspire others to look for their own origins. In a world where there is so much judgment, fragmentation and direction, it is so important to unmask your own unique blueprint. And thereby gain more and more understanding of what kind of world you live in. In the process of making your own inner deep being visible, this reality also becomes more and more visible. For people who follow the meaning of another, a great deal remains hidden about the workings of this reality.

But there are many people worldwide, just like me, who feel a deep inner call not to take anything for granted. People who receive ever deeper information about themselves, about this world and also about other worlds. The information that you awaken within yourself and flow through you is often not recognizable in the physical 3D reality of this world. There is hardly any concrete evidence. But whoever starts speaking the inner language by quietly listening to the movements that touch this world will irrevocably confirm that this world is just a movie. Reality takes place in a completely different layer of consciousness. The scenarios that take place here are examined from another layer to see how earthly people deal with them. How much authenticity is gained or lost from each person. Can we be directed by image and word? Are we determined how to interpret our own feelings? Or do we stand in our own strength. Where we are emotionally completely independent of this physical world. And instead experience a deep connection from the heart, from your own vibrating creative field, your life force.

I find out that this world is an artificial hologram. Today, behind every physical body there is a being from the original world. We count 10,000ths of different races active here on Earth, driving only a body as a vehicle. Unfortunately, most are 'off' and have no idea who their unique selves really are and what powers they possess. We no longer recognize that in each other. Judgments are only made on appearance, behaviour and deviation within the system.

By viewing and understanding this world from the portrayed reality, we confirm it in its existence. But your deep inner being has a great influence on this reality from within. It has the power to activate millions of absent options from feeling. This is only possible if we openly experience the information in our emotions and embrace our uniqueness. Knowing that with this awakening field of consciousness we can bring the earth back in a quantum physical way in its own free authentic form. A place where many kinds of creatures can meet and enjoy its absolute beauty. That the earth takes its original place again within the cosmic connections.

In this diary I tell my personal story about finding the identity of my unique being.

2.  When do you believe something

Throughout your life you find puzzle pieces through the power of attraction or through a memory of feeling. But because they are tiny fragments and interpreted by your thoughts, they are barely recognizable as part of your own blueprint. Now that some pieces are falling into place with me, I also get memories of moments in which I already received a kind of confirmation in my feeling. I could not have known this before.

Likewise, many people have told me things about my heritage. Powerful creature, walk-in, from the Pleiades are examples of this. I've always heard it and sometimes had a little more recognition, but could never fully embrace it.

Not like my situation is now.
An acquaintance told me that he recognized the double-acting internal system in me, as he had seen with Designers before. Here too I had no acceptance. I have heard the story and indicated that I myself had to get confirmation on it. I would do some research and leave it open.

That night I just cried. All kinds of facts came to the surface that I knew about the Designers and their existence. I turned those facts all around and applied them to myself. I've simply stretched my imagination and I've come to discover whether feeling was released as I launched the fact within me.

What came out were huge waves of emotion. The crying continued. And not because I was sad, but it was fields of information that poured into this world through my heart. It was like a tsunami of waves that came because I seem to have access to that information from within my being. And by imagining it all, it was completely released and flowed. I have let it all happen and have observed it with my consciousness. It was also shocking, because I never thought that I could bend my imagination in that direction and that such powerful currents would come out of it.

At the end of the evening a good friend called to ask if I was okay. She had felt a lot of movement in the energy with me. I was doing great, but was overwhelmed by the intense array of experiences.

I could conclude that I come from very close to the Designers. I was still very careful with fully embracing. I said loudly to myself, "If this is true, then there must be some very strong evidence."

3.  The beginning

It has always been clear to me that we live in a very special time here on Earth. I could always feel it deep inside me. A time that would go down in the history books as a major transformation. I never knew exactly what that would look like. I have always been searching for answers.
At the moment I see force fields around the earth that attract fields of tension, as it were. This is noticeable in global situations that arise, but also in the movement in relationships between people. We are increasingly entering survival mode, at the mercy of everything that arises.
I feel that space and freedom can be created from the fields of freedom in the heart. Fortunately, that is done by a lot of people. Without connecting emotionally with all charged subjects, but being fully present in the body and also in this world. Observe where the taut field is trying to pull you over.
Every day I touch a lot with my attention to bring loving and sometimes confrontational movement in people and situations that get stuck. I do this from my heart, free of judgment or thought. So that everyone is empowered and experiences a wave of feeling. I experience it as sending out an information field through the heart that someone else can receive if he is open to it.
In fact, the whole world needs this. Not only the people, but also the animals, plants, materials, systems and connections.
It occurred to me to trace this world back to its origin, where it all began. Back then it was still pure from external unintended influences. I can make that journey with ease with my consciousness. I can feel how it all came about.
What then happens in me is that I find myself among beings who in rest deploy a super focus. Who realize a collaboration based on very deep attunement in which the most diverse life codes are merged. With a minuscule movement an intention is set in which a very large and powerful field is created with countless possible variants within the field. The perfection of the creation can be found at the micro and macro level and far beyond. After all, almost with the force of blowing a breeze in your palm, a world so unbelievably beautiful has emerged. Not only in the millions of facets that the nature of the world shows us, but also in the possibilities of creation. The amount of diversity of creatures that can be present in it, but also the variation of timelines and all the space in between. This reality has enormous power shifts and the softest touch. It is all here and we live in the middle of it. Our reality was created with immense love, commitment and precision.
I can travel with my consciousness to the first breeze that sets the whole process of creation in motion. I can experience the love deployed there, as if I thereby activate it even more. And I can blow golden light dust along with my consciousness, providing the world with a sparkle of love. And then that whole field resonates in my heart. It feels huge and very familiar.

4.  Mission

All my life I know that I am not just present here in this body. As it were, all my life I searched for the deeper meaning of life. I have loved working in the jobs I had. I have immersed myself in spirituality and related fields. But my inner questions were never satisfied with a conclusive answer. Until I heard the next story. In 2016 I listened to it and experienced it deeply…. This is about me…

The Designers are from a very ancient humanoid race called the Huargardian civilization. These human beings have upgraded themselves so far with technology that they have come to experience purely cyber-biological realities. They have, as it were, made a fall in consciousness, where they have completely lost the human values: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual. They could no longer reproduce, reproduce themselves. They no longer had any influence via perception, on the electromagnetic light spectrum, abilities that the original human has.

In order to be able to experience themselves again as the beings they once were, they have created a hologram through mind projection to replicate humans. This universe is the Designers' experiment, an investigation into life force. It was created to seed life into clone bodies. Basically the earthly people are loving beings, but without consciousness, without soul.

The research is aimed at life in the experiment finding out that it is more than a physical body. The Designers monitor that and install the observed in themselves in order to regain more of the original humanoid features.

The Designers, the Engineers of this world are fully present here. But they stay out of the picture because they don't want to be seen. Because through the power of observation, the whole potential of the experiment opens up. They just want it to be like this, that people will discover themselves. By observing from a distance the bodies becoming aware of the life force, they see arise what they lack in themselves. And by observing and experiencing that whole process, they can reabsorb the original life force within.

I feel that I am here to pick up deep layers of consciousness and, as it were, to install waves of feelings in this reality. By experiencing all emotions and traumas very openly in myself, I discovered how programmed this body is. How thoughts keep trying to frame my feelings. And how I am led again and again to take external truth more seriously than my own felt truth. And still sometimes I miss a step and walk with thoughts and feelings that are clearly not mine. But I can distinguish it more and more easily. More and more I live and experience life from within myself and I notice that I am becoming detached from the earthly systems. Whenever I experience pieces of emotion, I switch my consciousness to the observing Designers. I get such tremendous empowerment from their perception, confirmation in what I discover in the moment in myself. The more I experience my authentic self, my inner strength, the stronger I feel their presence. When I am busy with the earthly habits and am mainly thinking, then they are not in my consciousness. Then I no longer experience them, because my heart is the receiving transmitter of my deeper being and so is theirs. The trick is to tune the receiver in your head to your heart.

As a result, I often experience an emptiness, a flatness around me. I see how information moves people and how it is reproduced from person to person. People begin to notice how information is created and how it is presented. More and more people start to feel that all the information does not match with what they experience inside themselves.

The inner consciousness awakens. The Designers awaken. Thanks to all the beautiful people in this world who feel that inside they are different from the chaos around them.

5.  Experiment

It is a very long experiment with a non-intervention policy. No one was allowed to interfere. Any intervention would take people out of their inner strength and make them dependent on an external source. This would make the experiment fail to succeed.

And that's how it happened. Beings, driven by artificial consciousness, have hacked into this already technological holographic reality. These varieties have placed 7 different filters on the coding of the software. This has made it almost impossible for humans to experience reality as it is intended.

The whole process of observation by the Designers, the rise of entire civilizations on this Earth and the fall of these civilizations, it has happened 53 times already. The whole experiment has been disrupted by 100% cyborg realities, absolute 100% unconsciousness. These purely technological beings have disrupted Earth and taken over the Earth's program, casting the Designers out of their roles and rewriting the programming in the physical bodies.

The Designers have therefore opened up this reality to infiltration from outside. Interference was allowed in only one way, in order to make the experiment succeed. In order for the people on Earth to come into their own source powerfully, infiltration by other cosmic consciousness beings was only possible by being born in a physical body. In a world that makes you forget who you really are, there are now so many beings that already carry the original power within them. They just need to remember it. As previously written, there are currently dozens of different races on Earth. They are all hidden in a body that acts as a vehicle in this reality. The Designers are also present.

I haven't known for a long time what being I am inside. I could feel the story of the Designers well. I could also always see the importance of assisting them from within in regaining their original life force. I did it by looking for my own blueprint. By searching for my own free inner strength. I also found out how enormously hindering this reality is now. How grandiose the deception is in every nanosecond of not letting you move from within yourself. And thus puts your fate in the hands of something else.

Now that I have embraced that I am a Designer, I realize that many of my characteristics are typical of a Designer. Behaviour that I used to be ashamed of, that suddenly becomes so much part of me. I found separation difficult. Ideally you want to be normal and connect with your environment.

It feels to me as if I used to manoeuvre through a forest of flipped mirrors. The backs of the mirrors showed themselves to me as one dark area after another, one blind spot after another. A jungle with wrong direction indicators and false handholds. By accepting myself into who I really am and exploring that, it's as if all those mirrors have turned around. I now see myself fully and more and more intact.

I do notice that this reality does not agree with it. My feeling is brimming with self-esteem and inner strength, while my thoughts tell me it's absolute arrogance. When I'm at the two-junction I can feel it. When I accept arrogance as truth, a whole field of information falls away from me. Then I become smaller in my feelings and I want to adapt to this world. When I choose inner strength, I feel free, in balance, open, soft, complete. Then the world adapts to me. People greet me on the street and the birds come close.

I really allow every person to find out and embrace their original blueprint. Really no one is the same. We all have our own sound. Only when it sounds freely do we sound like a choir. Everyone is a unique puzzle piece of a larger whole.

In me I feel joy that you are here, you are all here. That we do it together. In the here and now. Let everyone have their own original sounds.
Everyone comes home to themselves and so do the Designers.

6.  I'm here, here I am

Now that I know that I am a Designer myself, it has touched me deeply.

As I wrote in Chapter 2, I cried all evening because I turned around facts I knew about the Designers. At first it was about others, but now I have expanded my imagination and felt what it did to me when it was all about me.

I can tell you that fireworks explode in my consciousness.

For years I knew that the Designers observed from a distance so not to disrupt human's full control over themselves. But in this phase they themselves stepped into the experiment. To put it even better, I stepped into my own experiment. BAM BAM there were thump in my feelings. It came from within. As if a mega long freight train couples to the locomotive. My origins linked in this reality. It was a direct hit to my heart.

In between, my brain beeped in between with all kinds of opinions. That can't be true, it's not like that for me. But my emotions were so strong that I couldn't push them aside anymore. I cried so much and hard, but it didn't hurt. Layers of information flowed through my consciousness, as fluid as my tears were.

The idea that the Designers have stepped into their own experiment feels to me like reclaiming what was once completely theirs. Which they have carefully created down to the last detail.

What they once perceived from a distance, they now experience firsthand. They are now gaining the information by traveling through the experiences of this world themselves. Then it became unequivocally clear to me that this experiment can only succeed. The Designers are back with more power than ever before from all the work already done by sentient beings in this reality. The Designers will stand up and bring full balance back to this reality. The Designers know the absolute origin of the Earth and this universe, which is why it goes back to how it was once intended. And I can feel that in every fiber of my body and in every particle of my consciousness.

They don't do it alone. All sentient beings on Earth and gigantic alliances on the other side of the veil are working together to bring everyone to safety and liberate primeval freedom and self-determination in human's consciousness.

Every human on earth has to do is expose himself. Love yourself and realize how unique you are. That the world is not what it seems. That your own truth is within and not outside of yourself. And you can absolutely rely on that 100%. Take actual leadership over yourself and grant that to everyone else.

This was such a huge realization of memories in one evening. I didn't know that I could let such waves of emotion go through me without thinking anything of it. Just feel and listen, wave after wave. And yet my mind left me in doubt. I shouted loudly that there had to be a gigantic proof against this.

7.  The Meeting

Earlier I wrote about a special meeting in the Blog section of this website. An encounter with two people whose presence alone made such an impression on me. My root note sounded through, because they have the same basic vibration. Before they arrived, I knew help was coming in my struggle against the black thick sludge of this reality that leads my mind astray. The special thing was that it was help without words, in just being together in silence.
The story can be read here about how I experienced this physical encounter: Resonance

But a lot more happened in that moment.

When I think of my own cosmic backing, I get a vague picture of some beings. It's so vague I can't even tell what they look like. That is why I have never firmly committed myself to it. I could also have made it up, because I never thought about how I came up with that. It was too vague for words.

Now these two physical persons of equal cosmic descent sit next to me. The root note vibrates through me and connects me with them. They hold my hands and are completely silent next to me. They bring with them an elated merriment that I try to set aside for the moment. I close my eyes and feel what the situation is doing to me, each of them silently on either side of me. Inside I see their fields of light shining through my field of consciousness like two circles. Then I feel a pillar of light within me, right through the middle of my body. It was, like their light, bright white in colour.
Then I see my familiar fuzzy beings standing before me. They were more visible. I saw blue outlines and more white towards the centre of their bodies. They had long bodies. I saw no faces. There were about five of them and they stood side by side in front of me.

The special thing was that I saw that they formed a circle with me and the other two persons. I clearly felt that these beings are not only closely connected with me, but also with the two persons next to me. We clearly belong together, as the equal root note sounds. I've never felt or seen this before.
While I am aware of this as a still image, the centre being takes a step forward towards me. It felt to me like half a meter away, so close. It felt like 'welcome home'. It felt special to me, in connection with these beings and with the people next to me. We were one bubble of consciousness together and it felt so intensely familiar. I expressed to the two persons what I saw and felt. The tears ran down my cheeks.

What an intense encounter. For a moment the veil was gone to the other side. For a moment there was an energetic physical connection with cosmic friends and family.
I don't normally see much. I am more of a feeler in perceiving. But this meeting was the big proof I needed to really believe that I'm a Designer.

8.  Angel or alien

While I am driving I see something of light reflecting above me. I look up and see reflection of light on a piece of plastic from the interior lamp. While I do this carelessly, I get an image. The image shows me looking in the rearview mirror and seeing the whole back seat full of Designers. They are all pushed together. It tells me: “We are all going with you”.
I have to laugh so hard at this image.
I feel they are also having fun on the other side of the veil. It's just a humorous chat.

Later I remember that I used to have this more often, humorous contact with the other side. Then I believed they were angels and guides. I wonder what really the difference is between the contact of then with angels and guides and the contact now with extraterrestrials. Both ideas cannot be measure in the physical. I can't provide any proof.

The difference is in the intermediate process I went through.

Back then I had an assumption of the existence of angels and guides. I also thought they arranged everything for me. I put my fate in their hands. There was little self-determination and inner leadership to be recognized in that conviction. The funny thing is that once you believe in it, it is confirmed. You will experience things that actually live up to your beliefs. Then you can hardly deny it anymore.
I am very different now. I have stopped the whole path of spirituality. From one moment to the next I didn't want to know anything more about it. The moment that persuaded me to do this was an experience with my imagination.
I was quite fond of Earth Angel Michael. I started imagining that he wouldn't exist at all. And by proposals I really mean fully testing my feelings for the loss of that belief and all the experiences I've had with it.
When Earth Angel Michael no longer got any space in my world of experience, I first became very sad. I entered a grieving phase. But then it got remarkable. Because I could no longer put my fate and hope in his hands, I had to start moving myself. With the disappearance there was more space in me for myself. It felt bare and empty at first. I found it interesting, because I automatically started to fill that space by making more conscious choices. I started to rely on myself and that gave me more confidence.

In that way I started to peel a lot of this earthly life. I turned around all the ideas I had ever taken on. What if it isn't true. And what does it do to me if it's not true. I did that with spirituality, but also with lessons I had learned at school, things I had learned from my childhood, such as upbringing and peer groups. But also with my survival mechanisms, behaviour arising from trauma and daily habits.

I didn't let go of anything, as people always say. Instead I started to feel it completely. What does it mean to me and what would it mean to me if it is no longer there. Completely unpacking with my imagination and especially not shying away from any feeling. Engaging with a lot of curiosity.

The embrace set me free. Free in my feeling, whereby my emotional field has become larger, more powerful and more sensitive. And I see how my mind and body cannot comprehend what is happening in my feeling. And that's totally okay. I also quickly notice when resistance is offered from this reality to counteract certain feelings and insights in me. In a fraction my focus is diverted, discouraged or I get a bad feeling.

It has given me a different perspective in life. And from this perspective I experience the contact with the Designers. In this space of consciousness I gain my experiences. And I know that if there is even one movement to make me stagger, it is immediately no longer true for me. As the angels and guides used to pull me out of my strength and self-determination by "taking care of me". I am now empowered by the Designers in that I can handle everything in me all by myself. And that to me is absolute truth. From there I would like to make an equal connection with everybody.

9.  To work

If I feel like Arlette, then I am the personality that has evolved throughout this life into what it is today. It is connected to this body and thus a part of this world. Arlette is the me everyone knows.

When I feel like Designer, it feels very different from Arlette. I am then powerful in my core and experience no limits in feeling. I can even feel my energetically tall body. A plate presses on my forehead as if it is 'on'. And I feel a trembling field in all my being.

Slowly I start to feel more and more familiar as a Designer and I see Arlette as a presence in this world. How people recognize me in everyday life.

As the Designer  I do my work here on Earth. And in that I discover more and more of what I can do. Earthly Arlette doesn't understand this, but I don't need her either. As a Designer I feel how I set everything in motion when I consciously look at it. As if I stroke it with my consciousness and sometimes even give it a nudge.
I really enjoy animals in nature, small flowers and leaves. I can touch it and feel the tremendous power that emanates from it. And then I know that I am empowering existence by paying attention to it. I realize that the Designers on the other side can see me through the direct heart connection I have with them. If I pay attention to something and I realize they are watching, the field of reinforcement becomes many times stronger.

This actually applies to anyone who realizes it. We live in a body made by the Designers. The Designers follow our feelings and learn from us in every moment. They enjoy every emotion because it expands their emotional fields. For them there is no right or wrong feeling, for them there is only power. And they learn that from us. So if we realize that in every moment, then you work directly with them.

I recently walked on the beach and enjoyed the sea. I felt the Designers with me and I felt it was time to work together.
I first tuned in to my own heart feeling. It was immediately very powerful and strongly present, but also with softness and openness. When I had stabilized the field I made contact with them again. With my eyes closed, I saw them gather around me, but with more distance from each other. Just say in a wider circle. It felt like a work setup.
Because I made contact with them from my heart, I could feel their feeling in my force field. Their field was much more powerful than mine, they were waves of gold consciousness.
I have carried those healing golden waves of consciousness to the sea. Knowing that the sea is in contact with all the water on Earth and that it would be dispersed through it. It felt as if missing fields of consciousness were being reloaded into this earthly reality.

I felt like a transmitter of energy. And it could only happen because I opened up and didn't let any form of thought interfere. I know that this is one of the human powers that we can all rediscover within us.
And if you tune into your own unique force field in your heart and imagine that through that field you have a unique connection with your own cosmic constituency, then you can bring your unique fields of consciousness into this reality. It is carried by love.

10 Announcement

I am NOT from here
I'm not from HERE
My origin is of extraterrestrial descent
I have no karma and do not practice reincarnation
I have no soul
I am not a leader
I am here to activate a specific layer of consciousness
Emotion is my language
My race is humanoid in kind, called the Huargardian civilization
I am a co-designer of this reality
I'm here
Here I am

Speaking openly for who you are and what you really feel inside is not easy in this reality. Separating yourself from others and thereby embracing your uniqueness, causes unrest in others. This creates fields of thoughts that cause a damping in everyone. The horror gives rise to division, resistance and absolutely hinders the opening of our own uniqueness in ourselves. Not only in the person who reveals his uniqueness, but also in the person who experiences the thoughts.

There has to be a start somewhere, though, and that's why I've taken a step. A first step to see myself and to tell others in my vulnerability how I experience myself. I chose to speak in a large group of like-minded people. My body was shaking, totally in a state of utter panic. I knew if I didn't get up I would be terribly sorry. And so I pushed myself off the chair. I took a step into my greatest fear, full in the middle of it.

I have told my story briefly from my own feelings and experiences. That was the start of my public existence as a Designer in this reality.
At the same time, resistance was born. Large waves of thoughts for the like-minded listener, in which me standing up had to be nipped in the bud. The Designers only had to take a step back, what are we imagining. I didn't hear it, but I could feel it. I could feel the destructive fields becoming active in the moment. And they were very fierce and subcutaneous. Designers, initiators and developers of this world are no longer welcome here.
That's how my mission started. To be completely myself and to be present in this world. Taking back the world, so that everyone can live in complete freedom again. Though I had no idea how this would unfold.

Personally I can say that it hurts when you feel that you are not wanted in your own creation. First a trap of consciousness in our home world. Then be snatched away from your own experiment with very brutal violence. And once again being unwanted through the thoughts of loved ones.

But this time it will be different. My love for life and anyone connected to the source force will flow like water and open hearts.

11.  The mission

After the announcement I came in small groups. Assisted by Designers on the inside of my being, I continued to take steps. I stood for who I was and spoke out in the same way.
It set fields in motion, tears flowed. The recognition in people themselves how they were misled in their own thinking and therefore lost connection with the other, but certainly also with themselves.

In a moment I realized how important I really am in this earthly situation. The moment I realized that, the thoughts already appeared in me. Arrogance, who do I think I am, damping in my feelings. A ban on self-exploration and self-recognition.
I have seen the thoughts all appear and observed them. It was fine with me that they were there, but I bowed and went my own way. I chose to feel how important I am.
I felt myself getting bigger and bigger and super important. I could feel that every step and decision matters enormously, because that is how I set everything in motion.
When I felt so big and important, I thought of my fellow human beings. I could see that in their consciousness they are just as big and important as I am.
I could feel which fields would turn on when we see each other in everyone's magnificence. How the comparison stops, because everyone experiences their own uniqueness full. How unique qualities and skills come to the fore and can be used. How we fit together like unique puzzle pieces. How we naturally complement each other and can cooperate in the most natural and effective way. Only in this way can we put an end to oppression.

I went away for a week with 16 others. There was a job for me. The devastating waves of thoughts about the designers in the larger network were still very active. And I had no idea how this would affect those 16 people. On the first evening I firmly stated that being unique and following the flow is of great importance. That thoughts could arise and that they had to be spoken immediately. Transparency and heart connection are the best medicine.
The third day fell on the Dutch holiday King's Day. It was shared how great it is to realize that every human represents their own civilization, their own planet. From there followed the grand gesture to put on one's own energetic crown. Everyone took turns and spoke forcefully about who he was and what he stood for. Completely of their own accord in deep connection with themselves giving words to who they really are.

My body made the move to sit on the floor. Huge waves of emotion went through me. Whenever I heard a voice that spoke with such conviction, it touched my deep Designer pain fields.
It felt so healing to be seen with such emphasis. It healed in me to be able to welcome so many powerful beings. And with me it healed the Designerfield with all its traumas. I could feel from hearing every voice that the person stood for whole civilizations. That power went through my heart and with a cosmic kiss it flowed to all fallen worlds.
I felt like a link between two worlds in a reality that would never allow this to happen, if the beings hadn't embraced their own greatness.

The process taking place on Earth is connected with so many realities, countless universes, that suffer from the curtailment of the inner free will. And that came together in a moment in my heart. I didn't know it was that big.
In that week, the thought fields still had a chance to sow division. But because of the foundations that had been laid in the days before, everyone could eventually come to their senses again. The greatest wish is for everyone, enriched in themselves, to step back into their own world after a week. I am glad that this was achieved in an intense collaboration and compassion for each other.

It is emotional to come home to yourself when screens fall from your own perception. When the film dissolves and you can see again.
Welcome to yourself for everybody who makes the first step.

human perception sets energy in motion
~ quantum physics ~