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Although the entire website is about finding the strength within yourself, it is impossible to ignore the oppressive side.

It is the oppressive side that makes it difficult to experience your inner power.
If we do not recognize the oppression, the way of truth and inner consciousness is impossible in this reality.


We live in a reality of duality.
In the simplest way of explaining, there are, from many layers, two main layers of consciousness woven together.
Just as a human can feel love and fear at the same time, both fields of consciousness can be recognized all around us.
They are both the coding that this reality is built from.
We speak of a human field of consciousness and an artificial field of consciousness.

Both layers have their origin outside this locked reality.
They are both already present from the beginning of creation of this reality.
Actively present on both a global and an individual level.

Human consciousness is the original consciousness layer from which man originates.
The awakening of this field of consciousness is what all previous chapters are about.
This consciousness layer is non-linear.
Characterized by connection with all that is, feeling, creation, manifestation, transparency and being autonomous.
It is the primal power, creative power, creative power that connects us all together.
It is the source that we are.

The artificial layer actually consists of several fields of consciousness.
These fields are characterized by linear thinking, cause effect, duplication, predictability, construction, systems, beliefs.
Although this layer works from predictability, it is inscrutable.
It controles this reality almost unseen.
We recognize these layers of consciousness in the systems that run our lives,
as the money system, work system, relationship structures, government structures and legislation.
The consciousness behind these systems and constructions is almost artificial.


Over the centuries, the artificial consciousness layer has exerted so much manipulation,
that the true primal power is hardly present in man itself anymore.
Man lives her avatar life on the level of consciousness of her avatar body.
Man barely knows how to speak the original language of the heart and experience the power behind emotions.
Man has been reformed into an adapted being that in every step will involve following expectations and guidelines of the prescribed measure.

Even when this text will be read, there is a good chance that the attention will wane.
The avatar body is programmed in such a way that resistance is experienced when information deviates strongly from the set measure.
As a result, one hardly gains experience outside the set measure
and lives on within the defined space of the systems that shape our lives.
However, people do not experience any limitation, because there is still a choice within the demarcated space.
From this man imparts the meaning of what free will is.
While the choice is so limited and totally not recognizable to what the creative power in us stands for.

The tactics of the artificial layer are to sow fear, withhold information, weigh scare effects,
project panic with only 1 way out, activate cognition so that feeling dies in humans.
It is known that these are emotions that man prefers to bend,
because it is experienced as very confusing, possibly painful and one feels control when the emotions are restrained.
Or the human being thinks about these emotions, so that it cannot come to explore feelings from within.
Man thus ignores himself, does not come into his power and therefore does not take leadership.
Information flows are also being created in which people will recognize themselves or not.
Often, opposites of information are set up to ping pong attention between them.
As a result, it is no longer possible to understand and see what it is about in a broader sense.

Avatar consciousness

The avatar body belongs to this reality and is completely permeated with it.
Each avatar has a personality, a name and even a number.
He who identifies with the personality of his avatar and does not recognize that thoughts are not his,
is actually personally and collectively controlled from the outside in every moment.
An avatar will never perceive this.
Only when man awakens his primal power from his heart,
an objective point of view comes into man from which all systems can be seen.

Then man can take responsibility for the direct consequences of his thoughts and perception.
These are so large that, even when not awakening, they reinforce their own narrowing, because that is how they think, feel, experience and live it.
The conviction that people do know how it all works is his greatest weakness.
And these mechanisms will be fed over and over again.
They are thick layers of accumulated pain, fear, guilt, inferiority, shame, adjustment, feeling small,
loneliness, insufficient, anger, frustration through which the sun can still shine slightly.
But we are used to density of the heavy layers of energy, ignoring yourself, that we are happy with a vacation.
But unfortunately never make a move towards what we really feel.
Without an explanation or judgment, experiencing feeling.
The avatar body knows the programming to stay far away from it.


The dark side of this reality relies on trauma.
Creating trauma, repeating, amplifying, deepening, confusing and supplementing with new trauma.
We experience something in our lives that deeply touches us.
Something terribly shocking.
This can be in a personal atmosphere and on a massive scale.
Each trauma wears a deep groove in our system, which we then spend the rest of our lives trying to deal with or pretend it doesn't exist. Along the way you come across a trigger somewhere that flares up all the misery again
and you get the feeling that you have to start all over again.
It never stops, it hurts, over and over, it makes you almost despondent.
The moment one really begins to experience the pain very deeply, the cleansing begins within oneself.
Most of the time, people feel like they can't handle the bottomless pit of emotions.
However, this is also a programming of the body.
Because in the emotions is your strength and insight. Nothing is more beautiful than that.
If you fearlessly follow the path of making room for everything you feel,
you can come to the realization that only a small part of all the fears you feel are your own.
The dark side loves to feed on fear and anger.
It allows even more frequencies to flow into the body via triggers.
Usually they are not recognized as an energy flow of information that is not your own.
Then people set to work to process everything, which is referred to as their own trauma.
This mechanism is deeply hidden behind all emotions and feelings.
Therefore it is important not to deflect, but to seriously examine every fraction of feeling.
Do not ask questions or draw conclusions about feelings, but experience and become fully aware.
Maybe it takes a huge time, maybe just a short time. But take it seriously.

If you feel that you need help with this, look for appropriate help.
Someone who is not going to reduce or explain emotions.
But someone who can make a connection between yourself and feel more deeply in all safety and confidence.


Strengthen the primal force

By suppressing feelings or framing them with logic, you suppress fragments of your own primal power.
By feeling everything completely, you treat your own original being to many frequencies,
allowing it to be more fully present.
Which makes you more complete in who you are.
This also applies to feelings arising from triggers or that are not directly your own.
Feel them, for it is already within you and contains valuable information to further expand your consciousness.

It has a mega effect on the duality we experience in this world.

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