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Create A New World!

Dutch translation

If the invitation page has touched you;
If you have felt there is a possibility deep within to change this world;
If you feel that this world could be so much more beautiful and vital than it is now;
If you feel like the truth is being hidden;
If you feel that there is more that is not tangible now;
If you have felt the call within to move out of love;
If your love for nature, the planet and fellow human beings is deeply anchored in you;

Then you may also have the feeling that everything is something wrong here on this planet.
You may not be able to fully understand it with your imagination,
but your whole life you have felt that something is not right.
You may have been consciously or unconsciously looking for the truth all your life.

And you are absolutely right!
There is something missing in this world!
It may not originally be your world and you therefore feel an uncertain feeling.
You try to fit yourself in, but it just doesn't fit.

That is because this world will only fit when you start working on the creation of this reality from your deep inner truth.
The key to this is to retrieve your own truth from the depths and be yourself completely.
Completely fathom the reality in which we live here from your own reality.
Understanding and feeling how this reality makes you adapt.
By being completely yourself automatically ensure that this reality adapts to you.

What is needed is ...
You fully being aware that you are creation and you create all the time.
Every second off the day you create and manifest.
What is missing you your awareness to know exactly what you create.
To feel how you can constantly change your environment.
To know from what state of awareness you are creating.
You have all the power and strength hidden in you !!
Let's find out!

human perception sets energy in motion
~ quantum physics ~