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Dutch translation

I am an energetic field of consciousness that is linked to this body.
All other information about how life works feels like a thick layer of dust, so that I can no longer see myself.
I do not choose to live this thick layer of dust. I look deeply into each dust particle as if it were my own.
And it clears up! It turns out that more dust particles are not mine as I initially thought.
I will only find out if I perceive even more sharply and without judgment what has always been dear to me,
namely my earthly beliefs about the non-earthly themes.

Slowly I see the structures and movement of my own being.

To help you see yourself in its most original form, here are a few exercises.
They allow you to explore within yourself based on feeling and imagination.
It may be an impetus to reveal much more information in and about yourself.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4
Audio just in Dutch
Audio just in Dutch

Exercise 5
Audio just in Dutch

human perception sets energy in motion
~ quantum physics ~