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Question Everything

Create A New World!

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You are truly a beautiful mind, pure consciousness.

You only remember a fraction of who you really are here in this reality.
Doing Exercise 1 will allow you to explore your original consciousness in Step 4.
You become aware of how you really feel, beautiful emotions and enormous awareness.
Your own original frequency in this world recognizes itself best in nature and the heart connection with humans and animals.
That's why they make you feel so good.
It reflects your own frequency and consciousness.

When you came into this world, you took over the laws of this reality to live here.
Be aware that everything you believe in and logically declare belongs to this world.
All your thoughts, emotions, body, beliefs and how your mind interprets the world.
It's not who you really are.
What you believe in may be true, but it limits you from fully experiencing your original being.
Therefore, you have to question everything.

You could approach it like this:
First find out what you believe in, what you think is true in this life.
This also includes the facts proven to you. Everything you are so sure of, sometimes ground unconsciously.
Religions are a very good example of making you believe that someone else is more powerful than you.
Spirituality offers a solution and an explanation for the process we are going through.
It is all very limited when you feel in your heart how limitless we really are.
Even question the good and positive things in life.
It can be limiting not being able to feel too fully who we are and what we are capable of.
No one but you can tell what is true. All wisdom is stored in your heart.
Not even politicians, doctors, friends, parents, television, the Internet.

We have built our personality on this learned information.
Oh yes, your personality is not who you really are.
It all belongs to the reality in which we live.
The more you doubt, the more options you have in what is true.
Instead of following one route according to a belief, breaking the route sets your consciousness in motion.
You make room for your original frequency to flow into life.
You live!

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