Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World

Embrace yourself

Create A New World!

Everyone who lives on this planet suffers from some kind of trauma, small or large.
We've all been hurt at some point.

That is inherent to living in a cognition-driven society, vulnerable to manipulation.

Your brain loves information that causes trauma.
It creates feelings that belong to the trauma.
For example, anger and fear.
In response to these feelings, your brain instructs you to fight, flight or freeze as a survival mechanism.
It tells you that you are in a panic because there seems to be danger in the brain's judgment about a situation.
But it's the brain that can't handle certain information and possibly not you.

So we have to give the brain some rest.
Every time you feel the emotion and the pain, just feel it.
You may want to scream, cry, or listen quietly.
Let it blow through you like a strong autumn wind.
And feel every sensation in your body.
Be aware while feeling, because your brain wants to intervene.
Therefore feel without wanting to understand.
Feel the beauty of emotion, the movement of energy in your body, the power.
This is a burst of pure energy, perfect for decision making and creation.

You know, it might not even be your trauma.
They could also be thoughts or feelings of someone else.
You know how collective consciousness works.
But because your brain doesn't understand that, it tells you it's your trauma.
When you start to feel without meaning or opinion, you can figure all that out.
Take every feeling seriously to examine it.
And enjoy getting to know yourself so much better.
You are so worth it!

human perception sets energy in motion
~ quantum physics ~