Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World


Create A New World!

It is all about perspective.

Imagen the black/white television screen filled with pixels.
Imagen every pixel is a fact or an experience.
You can create those pixels yourself by making decisions or someone else puts them there for you.
It will still be a collection of black and white pixels you see day in and day out.
You never question it, because this is what you are used to see all your life.
And there are so many pixels, that you cannot even imagen there is more.

What we have forgotten and what is unlearned is that humans can experience emotions.
And when we are open to them, we give colour to all these pixels.
We cannot reshape the pixels or create a specific outcome.
But by giving them colour our perspective changes.
We also have influence on each other because we can sense each other, even unconsciousness.
When we do this together in a collective we can make massive changes in our world.

So it is all about energy and emotions that give colour to our lives.
Colours blend together so harmonious.
That has nothing to do with the black and white perspective, that is linked to suppression and thinking.

What we must learn again is to feel.
It doesn’t matter if we feel sad, angry, happy or joyful emotions.
They all give colour. We only have to feel them consciously.
Be full aware! Know that every step that comes from the heart has a huge impact on our environment.
We can change the world!! Join Us!

~ quantum physics ~