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The mind control in this reality is in our own system.
It is in place before our mind interprets the energy around us into solid matter.
The hack is placed in a place before our minds interpret our feelings.
In a place in our own system even before our consciousness makes an attempt to understand our world.
It is also not a physical place, but there is a kind of narrowing in our consciousness.
The deception is so deep within us that we cannot even perceive it.
Our natural perception in this body starts beyond this place, so that it is automatically skipped in noticing.

The hack determines your perspective with which you interpret this reality.
Or rather how you will not interpret it.
There are, as it were, closed doors that lead beyond your consciousness,
so that before you actually become aware of something, you are already in the narrowing of perception.
Your mind cannot take that step back to see if there are other ways of approaching
or understanding something than the ways your mind knows.
As a result, your mind is already limited in advance.
So your perspective on yourself is also very limited, because modes of perception are disabled.
And even if you think you can explain your own behaviour or feeling, the real truth is still one step ahead.

The prevailing archontic field of consciousness behind this reality maintains the hack in you by guiding your mind through lines of information that generate feelings and insights that make you even less likely to perceive the hack.
Feelings like fear and loneliness work very well for that.
Trauma is very effective.
But love is also regularly used to let your mind and your feelings only become active after the hack.
Feelings actually come from your originality that the hack is trying to mask.
But due to the perspective taken, every emotion is crumbled and not recognized as full primal force.
Every emotion must then be squeezed through the narrowing.

Because the hack is in your own system on your own consciousness,
the archons have a hold on your thoughts and feelings in every moment.
As soon as you move even slightly towards sensing the hack,
the archontic field provides a distraction.
Your consciousness is diverted into a different perspective, into different logic and feelings that match it.
We often call this coincidence or bad luck.
But the lack of our deep leadership in those moments makes us more servile than we realize.
From the point we are aware we have a number of possible perspectives to choose from.
That choice gives an absolute feeling of freedom.
But when someone shares information with a rediscovered pre-hack perspective, your mind gets bogged down.
You experience resistance or acute disinterest, because in your consciousness the possibility of that perspective has been set out.
Your mind can't do anything with it.
The real perspective, the real interpretation, the real truth has already been closed to that point of sensation as a possible option.

That makes the current dichotomy that we see in society.
There are people who determine their perspective based on recorded external information, guided by the narrowing of the hack.
Even though this perspective is a choice of for or against, your understanding of the situation is driven by the narrowing in consciousness. There is also currently a group of people exploring or approaching the hack from a wider consciousness.
These are people who see that the world outside themselves presents itself in a special way,
but also begin to perceive the deception within themselves that they actually do not choose.
It really takes every bit of logic, deduction, point of view, explanation, feeling
that connects you to this reality to experience very deeply within yourself from the widest possible open field.
The more open the field of perception and feeling, the more you get past the hack and you can experience your own truth.
The more information is released from within you, which will be completely different from the information you find outside of yourself.
The information perceived outside of yourself from a narrowed perspective
is imbued with invisible information fields that confirm your perspective of perception.
And thus also hide the hack in your sensation.
The question is what remains of the external information if you change the perspective to a perspective from outside the mind.
This applies to information in direct contact, the (social) media, but also provided through intuition or coordination.
Your chosen perspective determines the form of receiving and how much truth can be recognized in it.

If you can always experience that glimmer of the grandeur prior to the narrowing of the hack,
then the world around you also responds more to that perspective you have of the world.
Then your inner truth is confirmed.
You see it reflected in the world around you.

But the hack deceives this in a very clever way.
We are presented with a world that misleads us into living mainly on the principle of narrowing.
The consciousness behind the hack is doing everything it can to avoid being found every moment of the day.
The hack is still before the awareness of time, the hack is still before perceiving this world,
before perceiving yourself, before what is dictated to you from the outside.
Even if it doesn't feel like what is being given to you as mega ultimate and loving.
The question is who you really are and what influence you have on the emergence of reality in each moment.
And what infinite possibilities do you have for that.

The hack was placed because you are a creative creature without constriction.
Where creative beings are present there is life, nature, fertility, vitality, consciousness.
Life comes from us.
How unfortunate it is that we can hardly perceive this anymore, because we no longer see that
the deception is placed within ourselves and we keep putting our focus outside of ourselves.

To understand this place, you have to peel this reality even further than you ever thought possible.
Bringing everything you thought to understand or feel until now further back to a point where everything flows back together into 1.
From here the narrowing disappears and all possible options can be experienced again.
Being consciously present in this world from this perspective has all the convincing potential
to make this world the most beautiful paradise.
You will experience that the information outside of yourself comes from within yourself.
The pure true inner power, the absolute balance, the divine creative power makes the world around you.

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