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What is the mind capable of
Insight - July 2023

I dwell on life here on earth
The life in me
The realization that there is hardly anything of truth
in the world I envision
It's a conveyor belt of insertions
that depends on scripts
What man struggles through .. read more

Embassy in my heart
Questions - November 2022

I lie in my bed waking up a bit and the following questions come to me ...
If I'm a portal and the original field works through me, am I always maxed out? To what extent am I continuously aware of that flow? Can I feel so free that .. read more

The Program “Don't Fit In”
Insight - September 2022

He knocks on my door and tries to get under my skin.
The feeling comes over me and I look at it.
I look at it from many sides.
I recognize it.

The trick of the trap of consciousness.
Splitting emotional fields from technical .. read more

Now It's Time For Fear
Inspiration- February 2022

He's been panting down our necks for the past two years
Like a frantic Rottweiler with his teeth bared
But you received guidance during the entire period in channelling your fear
Wise people told you the best thing to do or not to do
And how you could help society with that ... read more

Meeting - February 2022

In a world I don't understand
I've been struggling all my life
To get a grip on myself
Insight into my feelings
And understanding in my thoughts and behaviour
I am different
I'm different from everyone ... read more

Me And This World

Inspiration - February 2022

For years I have realized that something is not right in this world. A feeling inside that things are different of what I am taught, mirrored…

My search ran through personal development, spirituality, trauma therapy, whistleblower videos, etc. I turned everything inside out and that gave me a special perspective.  ... read more

The Decision Has Already Been Made
Insight - February 2022

Now that I live more and more from my own truth and feeling, I notice something very wonderful.
The field of life in which I find myself responds to me.
Situations in which I sense how I would like something to be become reality. more

Deeply Connected For A Moment
Meeting - December 2021

There is often an African English-speaking boy at the supermarket with a twinkle in his eye.
He sells homeless newspapers to support himself.
I usually bring him some groceries.
He likes bread and I supplement that with fruit and sometimes something extra from the advertising.
Today he got a bag of chocolate cookies ... read more

Thick pulp Observation
- December 2021

I recognize that when I am in a group, I try to be present as autonomously as possible.
Completely moving from within myself. ... read more

A Toddler's Consciousness
Feeling - November 2021

The age of a toddler is far in the past.
With some highlights we can still bring back the time.
And yet that time is still stored somewhere in our consciousness with some of us even actively present.
A toddler has no sense of time.
Everything that falls outside the present moment can be termed yesterday or tomorrow. more

The New Perspective
Inspiration - November 2021

Thinking governs our lives.
Thinking also produces feelings.
And because we are in our heads all day, we also experience our bodies from our heads.

Imagine that the possibility of thinking would suddenly disappear.
Would you still have body feelings then?
And what would be your compass to move ... read more

I Am Done With It!
Feeling - November 2021

Recently I spoke in a group and afterwards I felt that it may have come across as thunder to some people.
Previously, the whole day had been very harmonious, attuned to each other and a powerful being together.
Towards the end someone gave me the floor, with a torrent of language pouring out of me. ... read more

See Me   (2)
Feeling - October 2021

I feel that if the whole country looks at the country rulers in a different way, they would also make different choices.
I feel that together they can be very powerful and connecting from the heart.
They have made choices and are thus fulfilling their task.
Furthermore, they are still heavily framed ... read more

See Me  (1)
Feeling - October 2021

See me when I'm catty
See me when I cry in the shower
See me when I'm impatient
See me when I make illogical choices
See me when I'm behaving unpredictably
See me beyond the consequences of my actions
See me when I'm alone
See me past less pleasant memories ... read more

Deep inside and Outside of ourselves
Insight - October 2021

A human is a beautiful creature
Deep inside so connected
Deep inside an explosion of creation
Deep inside countless nuances of feeling
Deep inside secure and safe
Deep inside sparkling in colour
Deep inside a bed for all emotions ... read more


Insight - October 2021

What can IT keep me busy….

Precisely! IT keeps me busy. IT goes on. One bend after another. IT spins one distraction after another for me. IT projects itself through me to others around me. And that's how IT comes back on my plate through the other. And before I know it IT creates a vortex of ... read more

We Transform
Poem - September 2021

This world is a distraction
The population divided into two
Obligations and charges
Limitations and pain
And so on in a familiar rhythm
As it always has been  ... read more

Life Is Like An Avocado
Insight - August 2021

You can compare yourself to the pit.
The reality you live in is all around you.
Just like the flesh around the pit.
The pit constantly influences the pulp.
And the pulp constantly affects the kernel.
Just like you in your reality, the influence is mutual.
The pulp has a lot of information in it.  ... read more


Insight - August 2021

Cause-effect = Artificial = Mindfuck

We are trained in this world to act and reason from a sense of time. In everything we do, represented in every second, we assume the logic that if we do something it has a sequel. Preferably ... read more

The Aliens That We Are
Insight - August 2021

I fantasized what would change if we got more capacity. We would feel, experience and have more insight into our total cosmic existence. It occurred to me that it is possible that we can perceive our own being more concretely. What it looks like and what the origin is. That it is more intertwined  ... read more

Feeling - July 2021

She comes to lie on my chest, very close.
She purrs softly in my ear.
I love to listen to it.
Her rhythm and softness awakens a beautiful feeling in me.
... read more

Children In My Hologram
Activation - June 2021

A pandit, also a good friend, once said to me: "All the children of the world are your children".

Today during my meditation I was able to make all the children of the world visible in my ... read more

I Am A Portal
Insight - June 2021

I live in a world of duality. In my world I recognize a field of oppression and systems and a field of freedom, equality and love.
The field of oppression prefers to work with emotions such as fear and anger. But recognize in every emotion a way to frame and split, so  wholeness stays out of sight.
The field of equality and freedom works ... read more

Micro-Macro Feeling
Insight - May 2021

I have posted the picture below because I am really deeply concerned about the health and future of my loved ones, myself and the entire world population. My anxiety increases when I observe over a longer period of time.
Should it be the case that the vaccine ... read more

The Future
Observation - april 2021

There are many people who talk about the corona measures. Questions are asked about how it came to be. Why these specific measures, what the effects are and why it is intended for everyone.
People are concerned or not concerned about the near future, such as mandatory testing ... read more

Insight - april 2021

This morning I woke up with a big smile on my face!

I had the idea to investigate with my imagination whether I could bring everything to life on earth. Making everything that is currently dying ... read more

Insight - april 2021

Have you ever imagined that 5D does not exist, but that there are many layers of consciousness that you can also go through. That the concept of 5D keeps you in limitation of what you are capable of. That you get the confirmation that 5D exists as long as you believe in it... read more

The Group
Experience - april 2021

There is an invitation for me to participate in a group where I can show more of myself.
I absorb the information. It is about the goal, the method, the depth, etc.
The moment I realize that I have to show more of myself in a group, an acute aversion flares up in me. I can feel it deeply. Everything in me ... read more

Experience - april 2021

I had a brief contact with someone who is currently taking caution regarding the virus. The person is still awaiting the result of the test. I bring a few errands because the person is not going out. I start a short conversation about any complaints.
Interestingly, I am unable to keep up with my consciousness. Before I realize it, I blurt ... read more

I Had A Dream Yesterday
Dream - april 2021

I was able to make a hole in my upper body. A kind of window was created, but without glass.
When I went racing a mountain nice and fast with my bike, all my feelings flowed through the opening. Both the speed and the excitement. The command to grind more was "big and more"... read more

Experience  - march 2021

In Amsterdam (Holland) on the Museumplein was a meeting for people who wanted to drink coffee together. This was an alternative action, as demonstration was prohibited by the authorities.

I attended. At the last minute decided to go with someone. Purely and only to be present.
I physically stood behind the coffee drinkers with demonstrative behaviour. I have felt ... read more

The Tram
Experience - march 2021

I was on the tram yesterday when the inspectors came in.
While the person behind me was asked for a ticket, the inspector sneered at why I didn't have my face mask over my nose. After that came the announcement of the amount of a fine ... read more

Panorama Mesdag
Insight - march 2021

I hear you when you say that sometimes the information that comes to you is too much.
Above is a picture of Panorama Mesdag (Panorama Mesdag is a museum in The Hague / Holland where a painting is painted 360 degrees around).

Imagine there is a man in the middle looking at this painting. The painting is all around him. The only thing he can perceive is the painting.
Then imagine the painting being ... read more

In For A Game
Story - februari 2021

It's simple! This is the game of life!
You log in and create an avatar.

The world looks like real and has many challenges and fun. It looks really great graphically and ... read more


Insight - december 2020

For so long I have been researching who I really am. The constant feeling that I am here for a reason.
To find out, I started peeling myself to give my true consciousness all the space... read more

How Your Mind Works
Experience - december 2020

I have a good reason not to have to wear a face mask. And today in the supermarket I take advantage of my situation and use it for a good cause. I am going to spread smiles and connect with people ... read more

Dex Discovers

Story - november 2020

Once upon a time, there was a little creature without a body. The creature was just energy and radiated in beautiful colors. It could change shape, become small and stretch as far as possible... read more

In me ..
Insight - may 2020

The news about Corona's disease came on TV. It is the news of the day and the measures taken are intense. Slowly panic arises about what is allowed and what is not allowed.
It affects our direct life. You adapt, conform, look at others how they deal with it, if you don't stick to it, you are guilty. The large degree of fear that rumbles into your system from outside ... read more

The Seed

Story - april 2020

Once upon a time there was a seed deep underground. It lived there with all kinds of other seeds.
The seeds were fine there. It was dark and they had never seen light. They did suffer from pebbles and stones, but they adapted. They moved a bit and made sure they were comfortable. They had enough rainwater to drink from. The only concern they had was to keep from washing away.  ... read more