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Dutch translation

My name is Arlette.

All my life I search for the truth of life.
Again and again I had the feeling that something was not right.
But I couldn't put my finger on it.
After many upheavals I came to myself and the workings of quantum physics.
Applying it in daily life is a challenge but also a gift.
It ignores the fact that everything is love, but comes from a deeper consciousness.
Man has all the influence on the world around him.
The perspective taken determines influence.

The website contains information that I have unfolded in myself
and which I have received to share with those who are open to it.
It is intended to support current human development
in his quest for inner wisdom and autonomous leadership.
To give direction in perceiving and creating a reality
which is supportive of all life from the point of view of equality.

The website is organic.
The more information I can open up in myself,
can receive and perceive from a cosmic perspective,
the website will also grow.
The more challenging will be to express all layers of feeling
in understandable and above all tangible words.

It's purpose is to be a source of recognition and a guideline for the being taking in the information.
May it contribute in making yourself visible, for yourself and for the world around you in who you are in original form.
That, from your original being, you will help shape this world in which we live.
That we always have the deepest insight in what is needed in a moment to restore the balance
and have the ability to carry it out.
From an equal, transparent, loving and respectful connection with people, animals and beings from all layers of the cosmos.
Because we are who we are in our deepest awareness.

The information on this website comes from a source with which we are all connected.
It is freely available to everyone and may be shared with those who support the purpose described above.

human perception sets energy in motion
~ quantum physics ~