Joyful Happening
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Be Aware

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

You have influence on the world and the world has influence on you.
That influence is bigger than you would expect.
Because you cannot see the effect right away, you mostly have no idea.

You know that if someone walks into the room with a very sad or happy mood, you can sense that.
Also people can sense how you walk into the room.

What if you were fully aware of what you feel before entering the room.
Than you already know what influence you will have.
What if you use your imagination to influence your own feelings before you enter the room.
Than you consciously influence the atmosphere in the room.

Heart & Mind

If you are fully aware of what you feel, you have more notion of what is happening in the world.
Only your mind distracts you from doing it.
Your mind interrupts all the time by questioning, analysing and judging.
The brain selects the information it processes, while the heart makes no choices.
The heart keeps the opportunity to let you feel everything there is.
The only thing that is missing is our consciousness to bypass the brain and start feeling.

If you know that all creation starts with imagination and feelings and you have such a big influence on the world around you ....
Grab your consciousness and start changing what you want.
Finally be who you really are in this body, here and now!
Find your massive power and enjoy it!
This is how live should be.

Be Aware Of

- Take every emotion very serious. Your mind used to block emotions, while every emotion is a huge eruption of creation energy. Feel it!
- Be aware how you influence your environment constantly in a large radius around you. Feel it!
- If you want to create or explore anything, use your imagination. And feel it!
- It requires self-awareness in every moment.
- Never let you get distracted from enlarging your power by your mind, others or any belief system.
- Question everything!
- Try this simple practice.

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