Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World

Embrace yourself

Create A New World!

Everybody that lives on this planet suffers from some sort of trauma, tiny or big.
That's inherent to living in a by cognition driven society, vulnerable for manipulation.
Your brain loves information that triggers trauma.
It makes feelings that belong to the trauma.
For example anger and fear.
As an reaction on thise feelings your brain instructs you to fight or flight.
It tells you to panic because of the pain.
And the brain gives it meaning or judges it.

So we have to give the brain some rest.
Everytime you feel the emotion and the pain, just feel it.
You may want to scream, cry or listen quietly.
Let it blow through you like a strong autumn wind.
Be aware because your brain wants to step in.
But feel without understanding it.
Feel the beauty of emotion, the movement of energy in your body, the power.
This is an outburst of pure energy, perfect for decision and creation.

You know, it might not even be your trauma.
It can also be thoughts or feelings from somebody else.
You know how collective consciousness works.
But because your brain doesn't understand that, it tells you it is your trauma.
When you start feeling without meaning or opinion, you can figure that all out.
Take every feeling serious to explore it.
And enjoy getting to know yourself so much better.
You are so worth it!

~ quantum physics ~