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It's unbelievable how much information your brain processes in a day.
Some of that information goes through the nervous system to all the cells in your body.
Before sharing information with you, your brain makes a selection for you from all the information it picks up.
It only retains that information that relates to your memories, interests or experience,
because you can understand the information from recognizing.
Most information is considered waste and will never reach your attention.
Because it is pre-sorted, you always know only a small part of the whole experience in any moment

You can call your brain and nervous system a biological computer.
And that works perfectly in a world that is cognition-oriented.
There is a whole network of information flowing through this reality.
Your brain is constantly reacting to it and making decisions about what knowledge you need to know.

Do you still believe what you think you are?
We've actually fully identified with it.
It has shaped our personality.
And you can see how easy it is to be manipulated without knowing it.
Isn't it great that you know this now?


You probably want more control over the information your biological computer processes and selects.
The way to do that is to trust your gut and your heart.
Your heart also receives information and does not make any pre-selections for you in it.
In fact, it has been proven that your heart is more aware of information than your brain.
If you want to practice working with your heart and feelings, you can try exercise 1.
By doing this simple exercise, you override the frequency of your cells in your body.
Slowly, your brain will serve you instead of the stimuli from your environment.

The next step would be to be so aware of your feelings that you can feel what kind of information is coming to you.
Think of Neo in the movie the Matrix stopping the bullets with his consciousness.

Instead of understanding information, you need to feel it.
You will be able to shift the focus over and over from feeling experience instead of thinking understanding.
As you observe and interact with your environment, you keep your consciousness connected to your body,
to your feeling in your heart and to your thinking in your head.
Actually, that consciousness is in your one field.
You hold full focus and awareness.
Make your own choices about what information you accept or may influence.

Humanity is so impressively powerful.
We have forgotten it and have completely unlearned it.
It is a gift to be completely yourself and to contribute to changing the world.

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human perception sets energy in motion
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