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I have a good reason not to have to wear a face mask. And today in the supermarket I take advantage of my situation and use it for a good cause. I am going to spread smiles and connect with people, because I see this completely lacking in the stores at the moment.

The whole promotion made me happy and I beamed a lot to everyone. I had the feeling that some people looked at me a bit surprised or even angry. But I couldn't say that for sure, because I was missing much of their expression.
In the middle of the supermarket I closed my eyes for a moment and made contact with my deep inner being. With this energy within me, I empower my entire action; deep loving human connection.

I have to go to another store and I have to walk a bit for that. While walking I enjoy what I feel for a while. And then it happens….

I enter the other shop where I explain that I don't need a face mask. The lady looks at me suspiciously and indicates that she is obliged to ask about it. She accepts my story. I laugh and say that I am also happy with it, because that way I can smile at everyone. How awful it would be if we missed the expression for a long time. The lady misunderstands me and apologizes for not making fun of me. Probably she had mostly understood the word "laugh".
Back out of the store, I feel that it did something to me when I reflect on the feeling I came in with. When I feel with my heart, my deep self, I feel that I am not so centered anymore. My mind has thrown me slightly off balance because of the confusion.
I perceive it with full awareness. That centers me again.

Then, while walking, I see a plant in a windowsill. And while I allow myself to be distracted from my feelings by that plant, I stumble over a tile. I am not yet falling, but I feel a tingling sensation throughout my body from the shock movement.
I stop for a moment and observe it fully. I realize that there is distraction after distraction that causes me to get out of my center again and again.

It is the power of man to be present in everything with consciousness. In everything we label positive or negative. That is what makes life, wake up, radiate, transform.
It requires real contact with yourself. Unfortunately, there are tiny moments millions of times a day that throw us out of touch. Almost a continuous stream of distraction. And then we no longer view the world from our real selves. The mind tends to react to everything. It happens so quickly that we often don't even realize it.

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