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A Toddler's Consciousness

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

The age of a toddler is far in the past.
With some highlights we can still bring back the time.
And yet that time is still stored somewhere in our consciousness with some of us even actively present.

A toddler has no sense of time.
Everything that falls outside the present moment can be termed yesterday or tomorrow.
Every day starts confidently filled with new adventures.
A toddler faces the day with confidence in what is to come.
Flexibly bending in the activities that are offered to him, alternating with a large portion of his own initiative to investigate himself.
And if it doesn't work out or doesn't want to, then a toddler stamps hard on the floor or jerks away from the routine.
No emotion is shy.
It alternates with the greatest of ease in the most diverse forms.
That makes a toddler straight up.
What he doesn't like or doesn't want to do is simply rejected.
But when a toddler is happy, the world shines with him.
Full of happiness, a toddler can create a world that fulfills all wishes.
Enjoy living in a bubble with yourself and with friends and have the feeling that you can take on the world.
Trying out the most unusual creative things to see what works.
Not realizing what possible consequences can be and therefore being slowed down in what you are doing.

Is this awakening the toddler consciousness in you?
Find a toddler to play with for a while.
This is the best medicine in this serious world that could certainly use some more bright spots.
Let the toddler show you the way to the toddler in you.

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