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Dutch translation

I recognize that when I am in a group, I try to be present as autonomously as possible.
Completely moving from within myself.
Yet I am also part of the group.
Because there is a connection with other people, for example for the reason why we have chosen to be together.
I also feel that I am part of the group, as the thick pulp uses the collective to create disturbance.
I experience the pulp as a sticky aggressive dominant field of consciousness.

For example, in a group I can suddenly feel extremely exhausted or feel very bad for no immediate reason.
Now I know the thick Orion pulp is at work.
He works directly on me or through someone else's thought fields towards me.
It is a subcutaneous feeling that provokes confusion or resistance.
It directly disrupts me and thus also the group dynamics.

The thick pulp also takes advantage of me.
Through my thoughts and my feelings I speak/send out what can affect another person.
In the moment I am not aware of it.
Sometimes I see and sometimes I don't see how others experience it.
When I see it, it's quite confronting.
Because it often gives an effect that I don't want at all.
And that's exactly what the thick pulp wants.
Stirring up unrest, creating confusion, creating distance.

What strikes me is that emotions play an important role in this.
The moment I hold onto an emotion or am completely into it, then I am more susceptible to outside influence.
If I am in a group and I am irritated, fearful, angered or, for example, very happy, it is much more difficult to observe objectively in myself. Can perceive in every moment whether what I am going to say is from myself or whether it is put through me to the other.

It is really necessary for me to experience my feeling more and more fully.
Then my focus is sharper and more clear to what I think, feel and how I communicate.
I do this to protect myself, but also to protect the other participants in the group.
As soon as I fix an emotion or a thought, the thick pulp immediately takes up space in me to leave a mark.
Then the thick pulp takes control in the group process.

I feel it works the same way for me.
If another person is not aware of what he feels and thinks and the effects thereof, then I get a portion of negative feeling.
For example, group security can be undermined by a simple thought or feeling.

Putting it into words is the best solution.
Discuss openly without holding each other accountable.
By giving words to it, a group field can fall open and the thick pulp gets no space to put itself in between.

Yet it is difficult to name the effect of the thick pulp in the other.
It becomes difficult if the other is not aware of the thick pulp, because then a piece of personality is affected.
When personality starts to interfere in the conversation, the thick pulp is served at its beck and call.
Because then people feel hurt, ignored, attacked or something like that.
And that only adds to the chaos.

At the moment I am playing around with naming the thick pulp in a way that the other person doesn't feel hurt and stays open for conversation, or go through it.
I play around with my own programs that quickly hurt my personality.
I know I don't need security to bring security.
It's great that that is exactly possible in a group if everyone in the group connects with the softness in themselves from which every strength arises.
In which only the most necessary is spoken and fields of feeling that flow into each other, like a dance of unique rhythms into one work of art.

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