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The Aliens That We Are

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

I fantasized what would change if we got more capacity. We would feel, experience and have more insight into our total cosmic existence. It occurred to me that it is possible that we can perceive our own being more concretely. What it looks like and what the origin is. That it is more intertwined with the look of this meat suit. But that we can also see it from each other.

My imagination took a leap with me. I've walked through parks, shopping streets. I have seen all the people with such amazement but also enthusiasm. I saw so many different races, features, beautiful creatures. It was a colorful whole, because suddenly the people were the extraterrestrials here on earth. It was so very beautiful to see.

And that's us! We all look like humans, but in reality, this place is teeming with aliens. So never doubt yourself!

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