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Create A New World!

Dutch translation

I feel that if the whole country looks at the country rulers in a different way, they would also make different choices.
I feel that together they can be very powerful and connecting from the heart.
They have made choices and are thus fulfilling their task.
Furthermore, they are still heavily framed by the (social) media.
But what is life really about. Recently I saw all people on earth together as 1 being.
So why shouldn't I be there for the politicians?
Why are you no longer allowed to derail from your individuality these days?
I do my energy work (quantum physics) for all the people in the world.
It is in the systems where our consciousness lacks.
We can be present in that from our hearts.
Without judgment, inhibiting or guiding thought, there is movement.
Then the composition changes. Then you create all possibilities from the fixed form.

All this went through my mind last week and when I wrote the piece about politicians.
And the great thing was, after I wrote this and observed myself (with all the beings looking empoweringly through me and with me),
I saw more of myself.
Much more.
It was beautiful and moving!
It led to a fit of tears to experience that I still don't see so much of myself.
That there are still so many controlling and inhibiting thoughts in me about myself.

So now I want to see ALL of myself.
In me and with me.
I really want to be maximum myself in every moment.
I have every right to.
And from there I can perceive the other even more in the way to be myself.
That the absolute connection with your original blueprint may arise in everyone.
It is connected to the heart.

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