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Create A New World!

Dutch translation

This world is a distraction
The population divided into two
Obligations and charges
Limitations and pain
And so on in a familiar rhythm
As it always has been

Do you experience this
Then you don't see
The huge change
Right through it
Not in the matter
But energy is in motion
Strengthen Connections
For those who really dare to feel
Deep inside

The world around us reacts
Nature lures us to flow
Consciousness challenges us
To wear, stand and choose

Relationships deepen
The awakening has started
Deep inside
In the human being on earth
Everyone in their own way
In their own rhythm
Systems vibrate loose
Programs are dropping
Stow and wring secrets

Transparency in all that is
Will be received in love
The pain is recognized and felt
By which the power can triumph
Transformation from the inside out
Beings united as one

The future is now
In all its beauty
More than ever before
If you dare to feel
Deep inside
Then you see it around you

In the world that fits you completely
Because it has all your beauty

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