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Create A New World!

Dutch translation

It's simple! This is the game of life!
You log in and create an avatar.

The world looks like real and has many challenges and fun. It looks really great graphically and the possibilities are huge. Each server has a large number of players, so it is never boring.

You go through the tutorial from about 15 to 25 levels.
In it you learn the skills of your avatar and you go through programs so that you learn the rules of the game.
During the tutorial you will get to know other players.

After the tutorial
After the tutorial you can choose work that earns you game coins.
You can spend it on equipment. You can choose from several options to move to different places. Each place has its own challenges that you can achieve.

The objective of the game
As soon as you log in you forget who you really are. You become one with your avatar and the world it walks around in. The goal is to remember who you really are.
To achieve that you have to do assignments alone, but you also have to play together with other players.
The game is structured in such a way that you always encounter assignments so that you experience the game as real again. The game masters even organize events to make the game as challenging as possible.

The most common challenges is that if your avatar breaks down, everything will stop.
That the game is so lifelike that you forget that you are playing a game.

Of course there are extensions available that make the game more exciting and challenging.
For example, you can choose:
- Create an avatar for a new player in-game and guide them through the tutoring levels,
- You can claim a territory that you can consider and decorate as your home.
- A defect for your avatar, in the game we call this disease.
- A shortage of game utensils, so you have to game harder.

Way out
Of course I can also give you directions to reach the end goal faster.
Feeling is the entrance to the solution. When you start to feel everything your avatar goes through, you get access to the game. You will slowly start to remember who you really are.
The nice thing is that the more you remember yourself, you can change the rules of the game. You can even make parts with it.

Part 2
You can only play Part 2 if you have achieved the main goal in Part 1.
In part 2 you can create anything you want in the game. Presence, focus and feeling will take you wherever you want.
The challenge is to guide players in Part 1 to achieve their goal. Note that they no longer know who they are. So you will have to proceed with caution. And real direct evidence is hard to come by to show how the game works. That would also be too easy, because then you would be through the game in no time.

Lots of fun! And who knows, we might bump into each other somewhere in the game!

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