Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World

Exercise 3

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

You cannot understand the world around you if you do not know what you feel in yourself.
There is no logic if you do not know how each perception, observation and interaction affects your feelings.

Do this exercise as much as you can. It can always be done in a few seconds.
Let it slowly grow into a new way of consciousness to yourself, the world around you and the connection between the two.

Close your eyes and focus on your feelings in your heart area.
Feel that you are coming home.
Feel how your attention is focused on yourself.
With your consciousness fully present with yourself.
Then open your eyes, but keep your attention on your chest.
While you are still powerfully aware of yourself, you look at the world around you.

This can be done in seconds if you do it with serious, firm attention.
It may be that your concentration is quickly over and your focus is completely outside of yourself again.
That does not matter.
Please try again and again so you can get used to it.

With this exercise you practice to be present in the world and to feel, by consciously experiencing my environment through yourself.
As a result, you feel what everything does to you and you get a completely different understanding of the world.
You therefore have little need to explain or judge. You feel more part of your environment, because there is more exchange.
But you also understand yourself better.

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