Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World

Exercise 1

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

This is a start and a form how you can practice in a simple way.
Once you understand you can vary in so many ways.
You can easily make a soundfile of the steps, if you like it to have a guidance while practising.
It is written here as steps, but with practicing it can become one step into awareness.

Step 1
Make yourself comfortable.

Step 2
Feel your whole body by bringing awareness to every part.
Your body is here and now.

Step 3
Bring your focus in the middle of your head.
Observe as long as it takes to make it quiet.
Just perceive.

Step 4
Bring your attention to your physical heart.
Your heart is the connection to your original consciousness that you are in infinity.
Feel everything that is present in your heart.
Feel who you really are!

Step 4b
You can project everything in the energy of your heart.
For example yourself.
Or every challenge or situation you want to experience.
Explore your feelings.
And be open to any answer you might discover.

Step 5
Bring your heart frequency to your head.
Observe how your nervous system transport it to every cell in your body.
Your cells take over the frequency of the heart instead of your brain.

Step 6
Bring the frequency into your daily life.

Step 7
Think of all the people who are also working with consciousness and creation.
Send them your heart frequency.
Share with everybody and all the collective fields you're a part of.
As long as you project everything in your heart, and not outside yourself.
Sense if you feel something by sending this.

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human perception sets energy in motion
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