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Dutch translation

I was on the tram yesterday when the inspectors came in.
While the person behind me was asked for a ticket, the inspector sneered at why I didn't have my face mask over my nose. After that came the announcement of the amount of a fine that she can issue.

She continues to talk to the person behind me, who turns out not to have a valid ticket.

I pull my mouth cap over my nose. In the meantime, I turn my attention to the peace of my heart. From there I feel love for the controller. Not for her way of communicating, but for the person. Just from person to person I feel warmth in my heart. It feels big and deep and unconditional.

I focus on the warm feeling I feel for her and hear her change the tone of her voice against the person behind me.
She speaks softer and more understanding. While she performs her duty as a controller.
Then she comes to me to check my card. She says nothing more about my face mask. She's very nice to me now.

I feel like we both feel better!

Our world is mainly made up of a love field and a draconian field.
Horrible things come from one field and beautiful things from another. Just look around you!
These two fields can also be found in our body and behavior. Just look at the heart and the reptilian brain in the brain. Just look at guilt, fear, survival, attack, isolation and on the other hand for example love, embracing, connecting, honest, transparency. These fields constantly alternate within you due to external stimuli. It changes throughout the day. And many emotions arise from this.

If you perceive this entire process from love for yourself, then you can accept everything, give it a place, set it in motion and heal it. If you disapprove something about yourself, a split occurs.
If you disapprove of something in your environment or in the media, then a split arises in you because you are part of this world.
Observe the fields from love and set everything in motion in and around you.
That is really waking up, going and creating!

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