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Deep inside and Outside of ourselves

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

A human is a beautiful creature
Deep inside so connected
Deep inside an explosion of creation
Deep inside countless nuances of feeling
Deep inside secure and safe
Deep inside sparkling in colour
Deep inside a bed for all emotions
Deep inside freedom of meaning for every feeling
Deep inside full transparency
Deep inside infinite vastness and wholeness
Deep inside absolute self-determination and freedom
Deep inside full of confidence, decisiveness and love

What a strange world we live in
Apart from ourselves so separated
Outside of ourselves so docile
Outside of ourselves so many programs
Outside of ourselves so small and imperfect
Outside of ourselves so black and white
Outside of ourselves shame for emotions
Outside of ourselves explanation of every feeling
Outside of ourselves so many assumptions and loose ends
Outside of ourselves so much doubt and limitation
Outside of ourselves so many fear scenarios

Why are Outside ourselves and Deep inside so different?
How do Outside ourselves and Deep inside relate to each other?
Why do I see Outside of ourselves also within and Deep inside also Outside of ourselves?

The key is our consciousness.
I grant everyone to experience themselves Deep inside as described above.
I grant the world and humanity that they are perceived from the consciousness Deep within the human being.
It reflects enormously to Outside of ourselves.
It gives every wilted flower strength to live.
It gives every fellow human being the space to explore and experience themselves.
It gives life a chance to flow.
It gives every creation a chance to be created.
When we experience ourselves Deep inside, everything Outside of ourselves resonates with us.

But our world Outside ourselves is not arranged as we are Deep inside.
Our world is structured as described above.
It is dominantly present and intrudes everywhere.
It is so strong that consciousness is repressed Deep inside.
We are distracted from one scenario into another.
Our focus goes from left to right.
But not anymore Deep inside.
The Outside of ourselves thus finds its way inside us.

Do you feel the enormous force Outside of ourselves that wants to enter?
Do you feel the enormous power that is Deep inside and wants to be Outside of ourselves?
The interface of those two forces is in our consciousness.
It is not Outside of ourselves, nor is it Deep within.
But it is in us, in our thinking and in our feeling
Outside of ourselves, our memory and knowing has also been influenced considerably over the years.
Which makes us wonder whether our opinion is really that objective.
Which makes us wonder whether our emotions are really felt.

Deep inside is pretty stable, but we can barely reach it.
Outside ourselves all the space has been given, also within us.
And no longer Deep inside, who we are.
Because we are creating beings, we create Outside of ourselves within ourselves. But not Deep inside.
What connection is missing in our creation process every moment.
Outside of ourselves is already within ourselves, but not Deep inside.

What do you experience in you, Deep inside or Outside yourself?
Where is your focus, Deep within or Outside yourself?
What are you doing within yourself?
Where is your focus of consciousness?
What Outside of yourself influences you and so Outside yourself?
What does Deep Inside influence you and so Outside yourself?
From what consciousness do you feel?
From what consciousness do you think?
From what consciousness do you move?
From what consciousness do you make decisions?
From what consciousness do you make contacts?
From what consciousness are you present in this reality?

Feeling again and again
Adjust again and again
Connect again and again
From Deep inside

And the more we are present with our focus, thoughts and feelings Deep inside,
hardly gets Outside of ourselves the opportunity to forge a way in.
Outside ourselves does not like the limit of space and pulls the strings tighter.
Here with your focus! I control your feelings!
Because Outside ourselves knows that it can use the creative power Deep inside.
Outside of ourselves creates through us.
That is why it does not matter in terms of content what Outside ourselves presents.
It does matter how you look at it and how you perceive it.
From your own beautiful being.
So connected
From an explosion of creation
From countless emotional nuances
From safe and secure
From sparkling colours
From a bed for all emotions
From freedom of meaning for every feeling
From full transparency
From infinite vastness and wholeness
From absolute self-determination and freedom
Full of confidence, decisiveness and love
That Deep inside knows a way through you to Outside ourselves

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