Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World

What the mind is capable of

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

I dwell on life here on earth
The life in me
The realization that there is hardly anything of truth
in the world I envision
It's a conveyor belt of insertions
that depends on scripts
What man struggles through

Scripts that become reality
because we experience them with in our consciousness
Script that come to life
if it gets our attention

The brain parses meaning from these scripts
and a self image
It turns it into a story with logic and order
It thus clamps the consciousness so tightly
that we crave happiness and relaxation
A true contagion on both negative and positive feelings

The script continues to present itself
They keep coming
The brain creates strategies to survive them
And keeps the consciousness chained in the storylines

People get caught up in the interpretation of the other
The other who is equally served with reason
Where experience comes along the yardstick
of right or wrong
And rumbles on on hot coals of trauma

The stagnation, deception and entanglement of this world
breaks my heart
I feel the anguish of this error come in at once
Life is a cycle of repetition
Humanity is in aversion and dependent on each other
And with this implosion of truth in my heart

I feel I have come to bring truth
By experiencing in me what is not scripted
What flows on natural force and inner wisdom

My view of the world
that moves through structures
That it brings clarity to what is truth
That it shows the separation between realities
right in front of us

Because I feel it on the inside
My only benchmark to measure
which consciousness speaks to me
And where the connection is

The free field of feeling
That there always is
That's truth
Because I see my being in it
And by extension
all worlds that exist

Worlds that sound in a breeze on my cheek
Wisdom that flows on the sounds of a bird
Openness is visible in the child's playfulness
The force is so palpable that the resistance stills
I am my true self
Not understandable by the brain
Not to be pigeonholed

I will continue to feel you in my free field
So that you experience your own truth
And you are experiencing
What the mind is capable of
If it serves you

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