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Dutch translation

If you are aware of your heart consciousness, you already have influence on everything you get in contact with.
Observing with the human consciousness brings movement.
Stay clear in your head and move your consciousness through all information.
The frequency of these energy fields change.
And that's why the outcome will be different.

That's the beauty of listening to someone who struggles.
Don't let your brain give judgement.
Use your empathy.
Your awareness brings healing with the attention you give.

When you really want to manifest, you can send packages of information into the collective consciousness.
Or send them along with actions you take or on places you are.
Make sure you do it in your heart.
Somewhere someone will unpack it when they receive it.
Instead of overcoming what is happening, you are writing the script.

Here a story of a person who tried manifest a bit more money.
The end of year lottery was just around the corner.
The prize was a large sum of money.
The person bought a lotteryticket.
Then did the simple practice and visualized a huge pile of money in her bank account.
And the feeling was added that it was owned.
The person has seriously brought focus and awareness to it.
It felt powerful, as if the world was adapting to the person instead of the other way around.

The lottery winner lived on the street where the person worked.
In fact, it was another lottery like where the person got a lottery ticket.
As a result, all people in the street had received a prize.
The person had to work the day after the winners were announced.
The person worked behind the till, where she came into contact with many prize winners.
In the middle of the turmoil, the person could feel that they had created it.
The person's heart wore a smile all day long.
In the days before, the street name had also suddenly been noticed. The person had paused and wondered that the street name seemed so strange.
Not knowing that the residents in the street would be rich for days afterwards.

With your consciousness in your heart you can manifest so much.
You just cannot determine the outcome.
So when you manifest, don't have any expectations.
Keep your awareness further out of the field so that it can take its course.
Do not check how things go, because then you will bring movement again.

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human perception sets energy in motion
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