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Let's Create A New World

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Create A New World!

There is more life in and outside this world.
We can talk for days about this topic.
But the best is if you find out for yourself.
Otherwise you will believe what you read on this website.
And then you are again in a limiting belief, because your brain gets involved.

As infinite and colourful as your feelings are in your heart, so many different lives exist.
They observe us so they can learn from the steps we take to wake ourselves up.
They do that with heart consiousness so they bring movement and awareness in our process.
When you connect with them from your heart by remembering that they are there for us,
it reinforces the awakening process you are in.
You can feel it, sense the answer.
It can bring tears in your eyes, so beautiful.
They will not interfere with your process.
Only if you do it yourself will you be able to discover your truth in you.
That would otherwise be completely disrupted.
So respectful and equal.

Know that you will also face setbacks.
The technology of this reality has no limits.
AI is highly developed and does not recognize the heart consciousness.
The computer consciousness woven through this reality would rather have you connected with your brain.
But if you truly live from your heart and are connected, you are strong enough to handle anything.
Approach everything from equality, love, vulnerability, openness that the heart power stands for.
It is a cosmic language.
Join us and help us create a new world.

~ quantum physics ~