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The Decision Has Already Been Made

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

Now that I live more and more from my own truth and feeling, I notice something very wonderful.
The field of life in which I find myself responds to me.
Situations in which I sense how I would like something to be become reality.
Without getting stuck and forcing an end result, I explore the possibilities.
And I feel a certain direction in it that suits me.
I try to concretize that direction as accurately as possible and then I let it go.
After a while it strikes me that I am really lucky that exactly what my heart was going for comes out.

I will give an example.
Years ago there lived a dog nearby, whose owner was fine with me taking him for a walk spontaneously.
To challenge myself more often to be in nature, I was looking for such a dog with owner in my living environment.
I turned on my feeling to experience in which direction I should look.
But no real answer has been forthcoming so far.
In another storyline at a family member I often encountered a dog belonging to another family member.
I was always touched by the dog.
I got the feeling that we fit together.
My thoughts immediately punished that, because the dog had a different owner.
Since a few weeks, things have not gone well with the owner and the dog was looking for a new home.
Even in that moment I felt the connection between me and the dog, but thought it was a crazy idea.
It wasn't something I had control over.
And yet I now walk a lot with the dog on the beach and in the woods.
The dog takes me on an adventure in nature.

When I feel the experienced moments around the dog again, it seems to be one moment together.
One moment that has become fragmented across a timeline.
One moment in which I felt my wish and possibilities, but I stayed away from the concrete outcome.
I've been having this with several situations lately.
Just the right thing comes my way.
Reality wraps itself around me based on where I am with my consciousness.

Last week I could really feel how this works. STRATP_cm4all_com_widgets_UroPhoto_39325847
And that motivated me to make a very profound decision.
I made the painting below.
For me it is a feeling of the transition that the earth is in.
Without knowing exactly how it works or seeing the bigger picture.
As in the painting, that's how it feels for me.
It is just not yet immediately recognizable in the material, in everyday life.
The upcoming transition is a big thing in my life.
And it seems like I'm waiting for that.
That I'm waiting for some kind of tipping point.
A moment of chaos from which countless new ideas can arise.
A moment in which I visibly see in the physical that the change is there.

Then I made the decision.
Deep down I have decided that the change is NOW.
And that I also know that the time frame and reality that I experience around me do not represent what is really happening.
But now I make my decision, I literally step in.
I am present in the transition.
I am the transition.
It's happening.

Yesterday I was at a lecture where someone told me: “The decision has already been made”.
A huge wave of emotion came up in me.
I felt observed and connected.
Yes, it is true, the decision has already been made very consciously in me. 

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