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The Seed

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Dutch translation

Once upon a time there was a seed deep underground. It lived there with all kinds of other seeds.
The seeds were fine there. It was dark and they had never seen light. They did suffer from pebbles and stones, but they adapted. They moved a bit and made sure they were comfortable. They had enough rainwater to drink from. The only concern they had was to keep from washing away. They were busy with that.
And if they succeeded, they could relax again and have fun together.

Until one day the rainwater changed to a different taste. The chemicals made the seeds nauseous and soft. The fabrics also varied from time to time. The seeds lost their strength and became very scared. But because it all happened so gradually, the seeds still managed to adapt.

Except that one seed. That seed thought it was all strange what happened. This seed was observant and examined what the chemicals were doing to him. It made him sad and became aware of the fear he felt. The fears turned out to be greater than he ever imagined. Because he had also contracted fears due to the discomfort of the pebbles and stones. These emotions were very subtly woven through him.
This little conscious seed felt trapped. He tried to fight it, but it didn’t help. So the seed decided to take in all the fear, anger and confusion. Letting it be there without judgment or resistance.

And something wonderful happened. The fears turned into peace and quiet. The seed no longer felt unrest. And there in the middle of the silence shone a tiny dot of light. Yes there! Right in the seed! The seed had never felt or seen that before. It felt so good !!!
Tears rolled the seed down his cheeks. This time not from sadness, but from gratitude. Deep, deep gratitude. The seed was so grateful to all those chemicals. Because without them he could never have experienced all of this. And oh pebbles and stones, I love you so! Thank you for not leaving and giving me all this discomfort and pain. How wonderful that such misery exists!

And every time the seed turned to this gratitude, the little point of light within grew little by little. Until it vibrated in the seed like real life force does.

One day the seed suddenly saw a lot more light. It had grown by increasing the life force. It rose above the ground, changing all of its reality. He enjoyed the sunlight and the raindrops on his leaves. It grew into a beautiful flower, radiant in the sun. And realized he was who he really was now. So open and vulnerable, but also so powerful and strong. It was hidden in the seed all these years.

A few more flowers were still there. Together they were one flower field. Wonderfully powerfully radiant in the sun.
But deep down he sometimes had to cry softly. He felt the fears and pains of all those sleeping seeds deep underground. All seeds that don’t know that they are actually beautiful flowers. He waited for them to follow him. Because only when they started to feel the deep fears within themselves, did they have the strength to reach out. And the space to experience the deep gratitude. Patience, compassion and waiting is the greatest gift the flower could give to the other seeds. Only then would the flower give them a helping leaf, out of love.

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