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The Program “Don't Fit In”

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Dutch translation

He knocks on my door and tries to get under my skin.
The feeling comes over me and I look at it.
I look at it from many sides.
I recognize it.

The trick of the trap of consciousness.
Splitting emotional fields from technical awareness.
Making emotional fields unapproachable.
Not knowing anymore.
Can't open it with your imagination.
An amputation of a wholeness field and therefore an imperfect picture of reality and truth.
It has paralyzed many civilizations in a sense of separation within itself.

It still paralyzes many beings.
Every day it is felt “not to fit in”.
Exclusion and tacit rejection.
History and the muting just keep repeating itself.
Making the way home seems impossible.
Because the emotional fields as a means of transport are missing.

“Do not fit in” is felt
Because true feelings are muted
As a result, the own wholeness field is missing.

But a tilt is taking place.
More and more is being felt.
The range is gigantic and the intermediate nuances are also experienced.
The original consciousness grows and grows, layer after layer
It reconnects with technological fields.
Restoring the originall connection makes its appearance.

But there are still beings who load the program with all their might.
With the function of preserving situations and curtailing free will.
The “Do not fit in” program is being used more vigorously.
But it has less adhesive strength.
Despite the enormous effort to keep the situations under control.
Working with man and power.
It is experienced that the adhesive strength is weakened.
That hard work doesn't help.

And they feel separation.
Not being part of.
Doomed to just technology.
A craving for original connection.
The “Don't fit in” program also celebrates victory on their side of the spectrum.

My heart opens.
I connect.
With those who no longer experience connection.
In which the own wholeness field is halved.
Facilitate that connection through control.
Defy that loneliness.
On any side of the spectrum.
My heart is open.


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