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Create A New World!

Dutch translation

Thinking governs our lives.
Thinking also produces feelings.
And because we are in our heads all day, we also experience our bodies from our heads.

Imagine that the possibility of thinking would suddenly disappear.
Would you still have body feelings then?
And what would be your compass to move through life.
We can only fall back on our feelings and inner knowing.
The feeling and inner knowing are not so much to be found in your head, but rather in the place of your heart.
From there it flows through your whole body.

Can you imagine how it would be to navigate on the basis of your feelings and inner knowing?
No longer thinking about yesterday and tomorrow.
Feeling in each moment what is good for you.
Feeling what you need in each moment.
Feeling what your body needs to stay healthy.
Contacts are more open and transparent.
Contacts give more space and understanding.
No shame or guilt.
Explosions of power in all kinds of sensations.
Living beyond time.
Strong intuition and power of manifestation.
No more deceptions and distractions.
No more survival but living.
Everything becomes possible instead of impossible.
Understanding each other by feeling.
Every emerging thought is in the now.
Every thought is a creation in itself.

How wonderful it sounds!

What holds us back is the thought in every moment.
The thought about our feelings.
The thought about another.
The thought about ourselves.
The thought about the news.
The feeling behind every thought.
The real feelings that are overshadowed by it.
In every moment again.
And because of this we are not ourselves.

But there is something going on in the world.
People are starting to feel more.
People are going to take themselves more seriously.
And it is the energy that is moving with them.
It is the consciousness that grows and connects.
In a way that no thought can reach.
It is organic, it is flow from within.
It is all in yourself and with each other.
It has always been there, but it feels new.

It is like plugging into another collective.
Out of the controlled collective of thinking.
Connecting with the free collective of feeling.
Away from the reality in which everything is arranged for you.
Connecting in a world of freedom and self-determination.
It takes some searching for each individual.
Making the choice is already a good first step.
The rest will follow.
And even if there are obstacles to unfelt emotion,
Look at them from your new perspective.
Feel them instead of thinking about them.
Also, the thinking collective will not just let you go.
It will come up with logical solutions and even show the ruthless side of guilt and shame.
They are the last convulsions of the old system in you.

Welcome to the new world!

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