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There are many people who talk about the corona measures. Questions are asked about how it came to be. Why these specific measures, what the effects are and why it is intended for everyone.
People are concerned or not concerned about the near future, such as mandatory testing of passports they want to import at major events and when traveling.

Only a few have I heard about the long-term consequences. It seems that if we are not presented with it, we cannot reach it with our imagination. Then we worry about what is going on now and how we should deal with it now. And especially about how someone else deals with it.

You need guts to think about the long term. Perhaps the future does not look bright at all. Or maybe it needs a major change to create a suitable future. Do we not dare to go there with our imagination or have we learned to remain positive?

If you're thinking about what long-term consequences are going to be, you may need to take responsibility now. Passing on to someone else or "it will be fine" is not an option.
Are we programmed in such a way that government and science want the best for us?
And what if they are wrong. Or if they are so distracted by a conflict of interest or financial gain that our health and well-being are no longer at the top of the priority list?

I see a whole older generation disappearing for whatever reason. I see children harmed by confusing communication and unsafe persistent situations. I see behavior wearing down as being normal that is anything but healthy for us on several fronts.
What if this damage is many times greater than we can now put into perspective. What if we can no longer turn it back and the cracks in our society are so big that it can no longer be healed. Where are we growing towards?

To get ahead of it, we really have to guess to ourselves what we want. What do we want now, but also what do we want now for the future. In order to be able to make balanced choices, you can do research in the subject matter. Placing many arguments and visions side by side won through the most diverse information channels.

What I think is even more important is understanding how your own system handles all that information. Is your brain able to make an informed choice? How do trauma affect our choices. How does behavioral programming that we have all undergone from childhood work.
How well do we know ourselves to estimate how the consciousness system works. How free we are in ourselves to be able to make choices in this moment for us and for the generations to come.

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