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Dutch translation

See me when I'm catty
See me when I cry in the shower
See me when I'm impatient
See me when I make illogical choices
See me when I'm behaving unpredictably
See me beyond the consequences of my actions
See me when I'm alone
See me past less pleasant memories
See me beyond what you hear about me
See me beyond that little piece of me you see

I feel that when I'm really seen
Without any friction or opinion
Without pain from experiences or consequences
That I can see myself again
That I can appreciate myself
May every emotion be there
That I can feel completely vulnerable
That I can feel completely human
That life can be started again at any moment
Because you can see me, I see myself

That's how I want to see you
No matter who you are
In your pain and in your smile
In your softness and in your hardening
Beyond your exertions and modesty
Beyond your ways and decisions
I know you have a heart
And maybe your connection with your heart is lost for a while
But because I see it, you can feel it too
And then your life changes
Because it's about who you really are
For your wholeness of which I only see a fraction

I see you and feel you all in my own heart

The text is inspired by the photos of these people.
They are currently Dutch politicians (2021).

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