Joyful Happening
Let's Create A New World

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

In a world I don't understand
I've been struggling all my life
To get a grip on myself
Insight into my feelings
And understanding in my thoughts and behaviour

I am different
I'm different from everyone
There are similarities
They resonate back and forth
That satisfies and connects
It feeds my me
And let me remember
In emotional fields
Who I am deep inside

And yet I'm different
I keep looking too
Without me knowing
To another connection
To recognition
The search was always there
Because it was a void
Which hadn't been seen yet
Not by others
And not by myself

Then there's the meeting
People I don't know earthly
I never met their personality here

They don't say anything
Take a seat on either side of me
There's a current in me
A matter of course
A completeness
The whole undercurrent in my consciousness
Gets instant nutrition
Every void is filled
With consciousness
Without any effort
Because we have the same resonance
Same origin
The same deep knowing

I didn't know it existed
So much flow and presence in now
I hear them chattering
Talking with such lightness
Giving space to everything around them
As mother nature intended
I feel how deep their integrity is
To others
And when it comes to other people's information
Respect is rooted differently than recognizable in the everyday

It flows through me
Layers of emotion in motion
Shocking, laughing, crying, silence
Life is on
Deep inside me
I come home to my heart
Because I'm not looking anymore
To fill a void
The search expires
There is consciousness in return
And connection
Resonance of my deepest being
It resounds far into the cosmos

From here I love the world more than ever
Because I feel and know how earthly life was once meant
And always will be

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