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Create A New World!

The world we live in is not concrete, black and white with nuances.

Our reality is made up of many layers of information.
There are always multiple truths associated with a topic.
To make it more complex, many layers of information are kept away from us, so that we don't get an overall picture of what truth is.
For example, there are executives in this world who do not want to disclose their actual leadership strategy and interests.
As a result, it is never clear why they make decisions.
What is also difficult to observe are things that take place in other densities of energy.
This happens because we cannot perceive it with our senses.
If we had more insight into that, then we have more truth at our disposal.
Our thinking ability also fails us to fully comprehend truth.
It makes choices in what is allowed to get through to us and omits a lot of information.
Our thinking ability also fragments information, causing mutual connections between pieces of information to disappear.
When we receive information through multiple people, the truth has always been distorted.
Each thought gives a new twist to the meaning.
Information is also deliberately distorted, omitted or emphasized.
The information under disguise is also included.
People say one thing and mean the other.
This makes information very confusing and makes 'truth' an abstract concept.

Finding out the total truth based on external information seems impossible.
The best way to find out the truth is to expose the total truth in your own feeling.
Taking yourself seriously by making yourself aware of every fragment of feeling in you.
Do not discriminate between emotions that are created by thoughts or come straight from your heart.
Do not prefer pleasant or unpleasant emotions.

The world we live in is a world of fragmentation and separation.
It works so strongly in ourselves that we don't accept parts of ourselves or push away feelings.
Feelings that the world around us awakens in us, also cause separation.
Experiences and thoughts can give us feelings such as impatience, expectations, disappointment, etc.
If we also don't take these casual feelings seriously and explore what they do to us, it will split off who you are.
It forms a block in which you can no longer perceive feelings on the other side of the block.

In this way, blockages are also created if we disagree with something.
There are additional topics and discussions in the media and social media that you cannot agree with.
But being against something also means creating a separation within yourself.
While it is fair to always have your own opinion, being against something creates a block in your feeling, leaving you incomplete.
You may not want or be able to empathize with the opposing opinion.
You can also no longer feel empathy for the part of you that you split off.
You become fragmented within yourself.

A human wants to be connected with everything.
It wants wholeness, to be complete, to flow, shine, pasion.

This does not happen with blockages in ourselves.
Even the smallest energetic blockage means fragmentation.
If we sense every momentum in ourselves and feel it completely.
We will then discover its function, its weight, its position, etc.
The blockage will get a completely different position in your system, because it is seriously perceived.
It can breathe again.
This way you can still have an opinion, but a conscious opinion.
Without being regretted.
You feel whole, complete and loved.

It gives you a completely different view of the world around you.
You are going to discover multiple truths.
Can be more emphatic for others.
You can also perceive the fragmentation and wholeness in others.

~ quantum physics ~