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Panorama Mesdag

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Dutch translation

I hear you when you say that sometimes the information that comes to you is too much.
Above is a picture of Panorama Mesdag (Panorama Mesdag is a museum in The Hague / Holland where a painting is painted 360 degrees around).

Imagine there is a man in the middle looking at this painting. The painting is all around him. The only thing he can perceive is the painting.
Then imagine the painting being replaced by millions of TVs showing images of what's going on in the world. The person is trying to understand it all. It is way too much for the person to comprehend it all and it wears them out.

You have the position of the observer. You see the man in his process. You see how he is caught in all that information that goes from very positive to extremely negative.
You decide as an observer to take position in the body of the person. You decide to become that person, but with the knowledge and sight of the observer.
It happens, you take place in the body. It seems you are only able to perceive with the 5 senses and thinking. And you immediately feel that you are being overwhelmed by everything.

What you are going to use at that point is the way of perceiving you had before using the persons brain and senses. You start to feel. You feel all that information coming out of those millions of TVs. And you find that you don't have to follow every TV completely to find out what it does to your gut. You go from feeling to feeling. They are millions of feelings that are all okay because it is your way of perceiving.

You notice that you have changed the persons perspective with your way of perceiving. Instead of looking, listening and absorbing, you have changed it to let it flow through you and perceive feeling.
Your perspective is completely different. All extremes from positive to negative are now currents and part of a whole. You no longer have an opinion and judgment.

Because you no longer experience any opposition from for or against, your feeling has an absolute effect on the information that comes out of the televisions. The intended effect of the programming of the television broadcasts no longer comes to you as it did with the male before. The usefulness of broadcasting lapses. And so you as an observer have an effect on the information around you. Even if they feel so real. It is all energy that you can influence with feeling and perception.

You turned the situation around. You have all the effect on reality. You make this reality. And we do it together with many.
You can even connect directly from your feelings with all the men in the movie. Then we actually connect and the males may remember that they can also be observers.

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