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Now It's Time For Fear

Create A New World!

Dutch translation

He's been panting down our necks for the past two years
Like a frantic Rottweiler with his teeth bared
But you received guidance during the entire period in channelling your fear
Wise people told you the best thing to do or not to do
And how you could help society with that
It calmed your fear, after all you had something to hold on to
Even though your views seemed the opposite as your neighbour
But also forming an opinion about that, the fear about your own safety decreased somewhat

What's coming at us from all kinds of different angles,
it can no longer be overlooked
Whichever direction you look,
the fear seems to be thundering towards you
You see him coming and that already makes you anxious
How safe are you?
Having an opinion no longer helps
Information sources do not follow either
The fear will only bite harder
You don't seem to be able to escape fear anymore

Whatever is going on in the world, rural or local,
it's your own fear
And the fear screams for attention
It seems now or never
Do you let fear rule your life and let it activate your survival tactics
Are you going to gasp for breath with the sweat on your head because of your fear
Or will you recognize that fear, like other emotions, is a life force

We don't have to be afraid of fear
We don't have to judge it and don't put it away
Fear, like any emotion, is a vibratory field that is really worth exploring openly within yourself

The idea of selfishness by prioritizing yourself is outdated
It is necessary to take care of yourself first
You need to make yourself comfortable with all your emotions
A world full of chaos requires guidance in yourself

When your emotions are your own no matter how wild
When you don't have to run from it anymore
If feels that there is self-control and safety behind every inner storm
By going to the loving stillness in your body,
you get a different perspective of yourself
With a different perspective on yourself you get a different perspective on what is happening in the world
That which is what the world needs so badly, just like you
Because from your heart you instantly connect with everything in the world
Right where it's needed

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