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Dutch translation

In Amsterdam (Holland) on the Museumplein was a meeting for people who wanted to drink coffee together. This was an alternative action, as demonstration was prohibited by the authorities.

I attended. At the last minute decided to go with someone. Purely and only to be present.

I physically stood behind the coffee drinkers with demonstrative behaviour. I have felt them.
I got behind the cops and riot police (MP). I have felt them.
From a distance I have observed. I could feel that the same consciousness was active on both sides. It prompted people to do what they did, but it sprang from the same direction. It therefore looked like a movie set. The museum square set up for action with a pre-planned protocol. Everyone knew where they stood, from the planning or from previous experience. Everyone acted on the basis of the imposed measures.
The coffee drinkers because they disagree and they feel that their lives are in danger. Because they are trained to follow instructions, the officers and riot police do not want to lose their jobs. They are thus obliged to enforce the measures. Everyone on the square has mouths to feed and acts as best he can from their own situations.

The rioters were deployed, the game was on! I had to cry for all those people who were tricked into playing this game. With wandering feelings and behavior due to hidden and visible fears and their good intentions. I could feel the checkmate feeling all over the field. In this way I also perceived the programming. Acting on the basis of fear, pain and impulse.

I have felt deeply who I really am. My deep being who could perceive all those people from love. I made contact with the collective field of the entire square. I have let the life force flow.
I knew that if everyone had stopped acting, the whole scenery would stop. If they would immediately drop the role of protester, MP or spectator and feel who they really is in their heart. If everybody would perceive its inner being with its own consciousness, then no power consciousness has a leg to stand on.

We are then not susceptible to fear and an unsafe feeling. Far from following orders, we just want to really be ourselves. And I know we feel cornered. But it is precisely that feeling that keeps everything going.
I have observed this and manifested it in reality. We just need to feel it in ourselves and act on it.

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