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I have posted the picture below because I am really deeply concerned about the health and future of my loved ones, myself and the entire world population. My anxiety increases when I observe over a longer period of time.
Should it be the case that the vaccine has truly devastating consequences, it will mean a lot of sadness for everyone in our society.

There have been many reactions to the post. Reactions have varied widely, but are largely against vaccination.
I see that people shift feelings by blaming others.
I see that people become stiff, because they feel they have nowhere to go with their feelings.
I see people putting things into perspective by only dealing with positivity.
I see people bang out of concern for their loved ones.
I see people feeling discouraged because they don't feel heard.
I see people being angry and unable to express it.
I see people who would like to shout it from the rooftops, but keep their mouths shut.
I see people hiding their heads in the sand.
I see people fearing the future.

For me, many of the shared experiences have to do with survival mechanisms. We run, fight or freeze. We defend by shouting from the rooftops, shut it out of our perception by taking the focus off, or have depressed feelings.

The fact that I shared the message has given people space to express themselves. By responding to it, one has named feelings. There was recognition in each other's experience and feelings. For a moment all those emotions were there, people thought about it and expressed it.
It touched me deeply because I experience this as the most important key to life. Share who you are and what you feel and be heard in it.

In everything I feel that in the near future we will have to deal with much more intense flaring emotions within us. Our survival mechanisms will still be put to the test.
For me, making the cry for help came from naming my anxiety and my love for people.
Today it is a small feeling that is quickly overlooked due to the circumstances of this time. We are very distracted by the chaos around us
If I ignore that little feeling myself, it has major consequences for me. This results in major behavioral and emotional scenarios. And then I have to find out where it comes from.

Letting go is not an option for me. I try to let go of everything my whole life, but it keeps coming back to me. And the impact seems to be getting stronger.
I prefer to take every feeling seriously. Doesn't matter if it's a positive or negative feeling. Because all feelings are nourishing to me.
I grab every feeling and look them deep in the eyes. I perceive them fully. That makes my foundation a lot richer.
I can even dream that half of the world's population would do this.
Experiencing mini feelings judgment-free in a macroway. What a rich foundation the world will then rest on. My heart gets a big smile from this!

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