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Dutch translation

We recognize love in nature, in creation and in contact from heart to heart.

If we want to know ourselves in our original form, we make no concessions in love for ourselves.

Empower yourself by saying out loud who you are and what you can do.
Because it's not "normal" to do that, you don't show yourself at all.
Full expressing of who and what you are also turns something 'on' inside yourself.
Your energetic field of consciousness responds immediately.
It is a true empowerment of your original being.

Love is beautiful. We can get lost in it completely.
But love also has a deceptive side.
When love is cast in a solid form, it is stuck.
Think, for example, of love within the concept of marriage, in which the division of tasks, roles and expectations are fixed in a certain way.
Also from spirituality a feeling and explanation is given to love.
And that feels great and wonderful from a spiritual point of view.

But true love, the carrier of our primal power, is capable of so much more.
Do we even know what true love is here on earth?
Are we not doing ourselves a huge disservice by declaring love from constructions that we have devised here on earth?
Do we not thereby ignore what our primal power really is?

By experiencing earthly love as sublime, we deprive ourselves of experiencing the love that multidimensional beings propagate.

Let go of expectation and solidity.
Relive it every moment and let it be liquid.
Are you aware with which piece of consciousness you cannot feel in full depth.
Feel what's holding you back.
Follow the energy and movement with curiosity.
And feel the nuances in connection with all that lives.

Another face of love can be very confronting and often misunderstood.
Someone may say or act in a way that can be very hurtful.
But if the person does it to give the other a move forward, it's a pure act of love.
We do not assume that someone consciously wants to hurt another or acts based on personality or trauma.
An example is someone ending a loving friendship.
One person leans a lot and possibly unnoticed on the other person and therefore does not come close to himself.
An act like this can be very painful for both parties.
But it serves a higher purpose and is therefore an act of true cosmic love.

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