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The news about Corona's disease came on TV. It is the news of the day and the measures taken are intense. Slowly panic arises about what is allowed and what is not allowed.
It affects our direct life. You adapt, conform, look at others how they deal with it, if you don't stick to it, you are guilty. The large degree of fear that rumbles into your system from outside and at the same time the feeling that something is not right. Next they talk on TV about the consequences of Corona, masks and suits. The news deviates from the cause as to what is really going on. There is no evidence and the actual thorough substantiation of, for example, the origin of the figures and what exactly the tests measure.

With the fact that I see this whole movement taking off, there is also a rebuttal on the internet. People resist and are angry because they feel their freedom is being curtailed. They experience greater control over the individual and wonder what is in the vaccines. They know very well to indicate who all this is to blame.
There are also people who pray or believe that politics will solve it all. And there are many nuances between all these colored voices.

Because all those voices shout louder what they think, you feel the tendency to take sides. Because you also feel something, don't you? What do you think about it?
It's chaos !! A huge jumble of different opinions, emotions, evidence, unproven, TV, internet, freedom, incarceration, risk, nanotechnology, care for loved ones and so on. It looks like war !!

And when I start to feel what all those currents are triggering in me, then I feel confused, anxious, small, insignificant, depending on what is going to happen. Feelings that I don't want to feel at all. We want to go back to how it was. Just having fun, laughing, cuddling and daily hassle.
But will it ever come again? Will it be as it was again with the enormous fear people feel, with an economy about to collapse, with people becoming increasingly indebted, the habituation to distance, the distrust.

There is one stable factor in this chaos and that is you. You still have yourself… or not?
In fact, it is just as chaos inside me as it is outside. I look out and feel it inside. I do not want to see and experience it outside, I do not want to feel it in me. I want to ignore and push away all those emotions that do not feel good at all, sometimes deliberately sometimes unnoticed.
But if I'm the only sure thing I have, then why am I pushing parts of myself away. Why am I ignoring parts of myself?

Today I look at them! I feel them and try not to judge. I don't have to change anything about myself, so I let them be there. I experience them and therefore give them a place in me. I become a more whole person by accepting everything in me.
Nowadays I look it up. I watch TV and I follow all kinds of things on the internet. Preferably as wide as possible. So that I can explore all those feelings in me. If you look at it that way, the world is providing me with an enormous healing process right now. Everything is present in enormous intensity.
The result is that I may deeply be we really am.
Do you want to participate in this test? Watch the news and feel what it does to you. Don't try to understand anything, just feel what it does to you! And watch a video of a random conspiracy theorist, what do you feel. Where is the feeling, how does it feel exactly, maybe emotions are released or you want to express it or take your thoughts out again. Don't judge, feel again. It is yours.

How rich can you be !! Put your hand on your heart and feel that you are one step more complete. I am not saying it is easy, because this is something that man has never learned. We are only pushed and motivated from the outside.
But hey, what have you got to lose? Yourself? And maybe you will experience the world around you differently.

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