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I Had A Dream Yesterday

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Dutch translation

I had a dream yesterday ...

I was able to make a hole in my upper body. A kind of window was created, but without glass.
When I went racing a mountain nice and fast with my bike, all my feelings flowed through the opening. Both the speed and the excitement. The command to grind more was "big and more".

It was so cool to experience racing so intensely because I was completely open and it took me no effort. I only had to perceive the feeling.

I have tried it in other situations after that. I was present with someone dear to me and then I opened the window too. "Big and more" and all the feeling that belonged to this relationship and that moment, went through my mind as if by itself. It seemed as if every feeling was magnified so that I could feel it super well.

I thought the “window” was an invention and wanted to share it with the whole world.

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