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Even more beautiful than the heart in the flower in the photo is your heart.
Everything goes through your heart, because there you can connect with the field of consciousness of your original self.
Actually, that's a field that runs through your entire system.
But your heart is the only physical part of the body that links that field of consciousness to this reality.

You may want to heal yourself and others.
Know that you can set something in motion, but that you cannot achieve an end result.


Everywhere you bring your focus already gives change and movement in the energy.
You can move your attention from inside your body to the sick place. Examine it inside and feel the disease all the way.
Again without analysis or judgment.
With that you bring movement in the energy and in the cells.
It works even better if you look up your heart connection first.
That gives even more vitality to the sick place.
Another option is to visualize it in your heart, as described in To Manifest.
Play with these fields, try things out!

If you want to heal other people or animals, you do it through your heart.
You visualize the person in question and wish him what you want.
Visualize it.
Feel it!
If you visualize this person do it absolutely in your heart.
Healing someone in a visualization outside of yourself then it is susceptible to energy fields of others.
It is then no longer pure and you have no control over how the other receives it.
Visualize in your heart and let it take place there.
The person who receives it will open the package with information if he / she opens up to it.
This can be done by bringing the focus to it, but also because something triggers.
You sometimes have it yourself that you suddenly know something or have an insight.
It is up to the other to receive it.
Until then it will remain in the energy between the two.


There are very sensitive children who do not know their way around this society with their emotions.
They get confused because they perceive so much information.
They therefore tend to withdraw or panic.
A nice story has been written for children of maybe 8 years old.
It can capture the imagination even adults.

The story can be read in English and Dutch in order to reach more children.
We hope that the story will be available in more languages.

Click here to read the English version of the story 'The Task'.
Click here to read the Dutch version of the story 'Het Verhaaltje'.
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