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Embassy In My Heart
Create A New World!

Dutch translation

I lie in my bed waking up a bit and the following questions come to me ...

If I'm a portal and the original field works through me, am I always maxed out?
To what extent am I continuously aware of that flow?
Can I feel so free that through my attention everything that is stuck loosens up?
Do I feel, do I breathe, am I the original field that flows through my attention to all the situations with which I connect it?
Do I really see all life forms on Earth as colleagues through whom the original field of cosmic consciousness is received here in this reality?
Is my heart embassy worthy?
Even if the housing (my body) is not optimal?
Do I represent my home world in me so that it can fully land here in this reality?

I try to feel all this through all the layers associated with the questions.
See what it means if I am all feelings to the maximum, without making a program out of it.
Becoming aware, experiencing the feelings that accompany it.

Then I suddenly realize that if I do this fully, the world can completely turn around in one move.
That everything becomes visible that has always been hidden.
Do I understand what that means?
What all becomes visible when the veil is suddenly gone?
What that means to me, all people, all animals, all plants, all life here.

By asking myself this question, I find that I am more connected to this reality than I thought.
That in enjoying this world there is also a stagnant nurturing.
A feeling that I don't want it to end at all.
Somewhere a line of fear of the change to come. He whispers very softly to take it easy.
As a result of which I allow myself to be distracted again during the day in earthly activities and lose the awareness from my heart embassy.
Then I ask myself, what am I securing with conservatism?
Where can it still come loose in me?
From what feeling can I step into that enormous change tomorrow and guide that process from within myself?

I can start today.
From my heart I greet every living being as a connector and interpreter of home.
A true colleague. And I feel that in this conscious movement a life field arises in which everything is connected.
I therefore feel that the enormous liberation of this reality is already a bit close ...

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