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Create A New World!

Dutch translation

Cause-effect = Artificial = Mindfuck

We are trained in this world to act and reason from a sense of time. In everything we do, represented in every second, we assume the logic that if we do something it has a sequel. Preferably directly observable.

This principle stems from thinking logic and is best recognized in how computers work. You put something in and something comes out. That's how our brains work, always looking for a 'logical' explanation. In which the solution always refers to previously acquired information or experiences. Information that does not comply with the cause-and-effect principle falls outside our consciousness and seems no longer accessible to us. Our brains have no place for it.

However, deep down, man is not at all connected with this logic. If we try to understand the deep feeling, where our intuition also resides, we will not succeed. Deeply tuned to your feelings, without the interference of thoughts, is a layer of consciousness in which everything is possible. The experience there is boundless and logicless. It seems boring, but is a wealth of experiences and creative power. Man is unprecedented in this.

However, the world we live in, exactly as it is constructed in all its structures and information transfer, is based on the cause-and-effect model. Everything is explained from that one principle. And since we look no further, this seems to be the only truth there is. We are inundated with it and try to relate to it.

But really being who we are is taken away from us. Finding your own solutions, creating a world, collectively and in connection, without cause and effect. It's something we don't know.

If every person makes contact deep inside with his own inner emotional world, then there lies the solution for everything. Imagine a situation as you would like it to be. Get a feel for what it would be like if it were. Reality arises from within. Don't expect it all to change when you open your eyes, because then you're in cause and effect. But know that you are contributing to a collective movement of global influence.

The moment when the flatness on the outside tilts with the rich versatility on the inside has already begun. Like small germinated seeds in the morning light, I recognize the original creative power of man everywhere. And it has all the potential to become a park, a forest, a beautiful garden or even an amazing planet. As long as we have no expectations and believe in ourselves. Above all, the world we have seen around us so far is not a reflection of who we are. It's time we showed it!

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