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For years I have realized that something is not right in this world.
A feeling inside that things are different of what  I am taught, mirrored…

My search ran through personal development, spirituality, trauma therapy, whistleblower videos, etc.
I turned everything inside out and that gave me a special perspective.
From every movement, belief, information, teaching that was presented to me, I have come to recognize that they want to show me how the world works.
The moment I went along with that for a while, I then went in a specific direction.
Then that became my new perspective and I always found evidence that my insights were the most accurate.
I felt emotions that confirmed my belief.

The feeling that something is not right in this world never went away. It stayed.
Despite the vast amounts of experience, wisdom and knowledge I had gained over the years.
Little by little I started to feel all those bits of information.
To fully feel, to enlarge and to observe what it really does to me.
Feel the spots in my body where it touches and the vibration that goes with it, causing a sensation in me.
Following it all the way with my consciousness in complete curiosity and confidence.
Experience the maximum range in myself in complete safety.

I found out that life on Earth is more than I ever thought.
That feeling gives a much broader and deeper meaning to information, whether or not mine.
The feeling can make endless connections and continuously add deeper layers to the experience.
It's just what my consciousness gives its attention to.
My conscious attention sets everything in motion in me.
Nothing is more static.
Potential options open up like flowers in the sun.
When I have completely felt it, the rigidity disappears and an wide field opens up with all directions open.
It feels soft and rich in wisdom. It feels connected and autonomous at the same time.
It feels connected to everything, even to the countless that I don't even know exist.

But when my head gets involved, it neatly arranges all information (whether or not mine) in frames of reference.
Then there is no movement.
Cause and effect is fixed, so I notice that all other options are automatically excluded.
All my life I have explored the world through my mind.
I also wanted to understand my feelings and tried to see logic in them.
Everything was explained according to previously acquired information through education or experience.
For me it feels like thinking works according to a fixed grid.
Everything for which no place has been set up in origin is not even perceived by the mind.
I keep comparing it to that TV box they used to let guinea pigs run around in looking for the best gate.
The logic we are looking for is behind the gates.
And the baffles in the box itself represent obstacles, distractions, direction and even trauma.
And again and again the mind tries to get to the best gate by another way.
We run in circles and always solve everything in the same way.

Our world is organized on the basis of the fixed thinking grid.
Everything in my life has taught me, motivated me, conditioned me to live and understand life through the grid of thought.
School, studies, politics, TV, education, approach to health, money and work dependency, etc.
I came into this world and it all seemed so necessary and logical that this arrangement and way of relating to each other could be the only way.

Now that I experience everything differently with my feeling, the thinking logic increasingly disappears for me.
I no longer have the tendency to have to explain and understand everything with my mind all the time.
I no longer shrink from any feeling, for what I feel is me.
To hide or ignore a feeling would mean amputating a part of myself.
And I feel that's what the world needs too.
If only we could all stand still at the same time.
Then we could notice what are doing and whether it resonates with what we feel we actually want.
By standing still and feeling, completely different solutions would emerge for what we want to create.

I have stopped looking for solutions that are presented to me.
I don't protest, don't sign petitions, don't vote.
For me they are ideas that have been created to come to a solution within the mind system, the guinea pig box.
And feel such a deep inner conviction that the solution is not there, because only the mind confirms its function.
By constantly feeling in every moment where my truth and need lie, I create my own reality.
It is a reality of absolute transparency, honesty, directness, softness, openness, flow, autonomy, creation.
When I connect from my reality with the life around me, the life around me has to deal with new possibilities that the mind cannot imagine. It is nurturing and maintaining the spontaneity and connection.
And above all, see that everyone who lives on this planet does their best in their own way to understand, shape and make life as pleasant as possible.
But the warrior in me fights to see in everyone that the field of limitless and unconditional love is within them.
And only with my perception from my feeling do I set everything around me in motion, knowing that everything is energy.
I empower each flame with a smile of attention.
A new consciousness is born from the inside out.
I see it growing around me and worldwide.

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